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CoreNeuron - Simulator optimized for large scale neural network simulations.

  •    C++

CoreNEURON is a simplified engine for the NEURON simulator optimised for both memory usage and computational speed. Its goal is to simulate massive cell networks with minimal memory footprint and optimal performance. If you are a new user and would like to use CoreNEURON, this tutorial will be a good starting point to understand complete workflow of using CoreNEURON with NEURON.

HPCInfo - Information about many aspects of high-performance computing

  •    C++

This is basically my programming diary. Whenever I am trying to learn something new, I write some simple tests, which I store here so that I don't lose them even if my local copy is not available. This project started out as an ALCF MediaWiki, but I have converted most of it to MarkDown and moved as much of the non-code content to topic-specific README files.

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