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sumy - Module for automatic summarization of text documents and HTML pages.

  •    Python

Sumy contains command line utility for quick summarization of documents. Or you can use sumy like a library in your project. Create file sumy_example.py (don't name it sumy.py) with the code below to test it.

OpenTextSummarizer C# Port


This is a port to C# of the fantastic Open Text Summarizer (http://libots.sourceforge.net/) . It uses the same dictionary files and algorithms of the original OTS, though all of the code was rewritten.

tldr - Text summarizer for golang using LexRank

  •    Go

tldr is a golang package to summarize a text automatically using lexrank algorithm. There are two main steps in lexrank, weighing, and ranking. tldr have two weighing and two ranking algorithm included, they are Jaccard coeficient and Hamming distance, then PageRank and centrality, respectively. The default settings use Hamming distance and pagerank.

summarizer - Scrapes a remote page and creates a summary with statistics

  •    Javascript

Scrapes a remote page and creates a summary with statistics.

Article-Summarizer - Uses frequency analysis to summarize text.

  •    Python

Uses frequency analysis to summarize text. Scores are assigned to sentences and sentences that are rich with relevant words will have higher scores. The highest scoring sentences are then printed in chronological order to produce a summary. The following are all summaries of articles. If any of the links are dead, the content of each article can be found in the folder "sample_articles". These articles are all randomly selected and do not represent my opinions, views or what news websites I follow.