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hasha - Hashing made simple. Get the hash of a buffer/string/stream/file.

  •    Javascript

Hashing made simple. Get the hash of a buffer/string/stream/file.Convenience wrapper around the core crypto Hash class with simpler API and better defaults.



Sum will be the best application in parsing and calculating equations results.

level-sum - Calculate sums in a LevelDB and get live updates.

  •    Javascript

Calculate multidimensional sums in a LevelDB and get live updates.Create a new sums db. Make sure your db has been given the powers of level-sublevel.

hash-obj - Get the hash of an object

  •    Javascript

Encoding of the returned hash.Don't use md5 or sha1 for anything sensitive. They're insecure.

Algorithms - Data Structures & Algorithms

  •    Ruby

This is repository of data structures and algorithms written in JavaScript and Ruby. Some of the algorithms are from Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell . Contributions are welcome! Please read the Contributing guidelines and the Code of Conduct on how to contribute. This project is Licensed under the MIT License.

node-stats-lite - A light statistical package that operates on Arrays.

  •    Javascript

A fairly light statistical package. Works with numeric arrays, and will automatically filter out non-numeric values and attempt to convert string numeric values. All of the exported functions take vals which is an array of numeric values. Non-numeric values will be removed, and string numbers will be converted to Numbers.

timestream-aggregates - Aggregation operations for timeseries streams (objectMode streams ordered by timestamp)

  •    Javascript

Aggregation functions for objectMode streams. Contains a set of stream Transforms that accept objectMode streams with a sequenceKey and aggregate all other values of each record into chunks at regular intervals. This is most useful for timeseries data as the chunked aggregation function is designed to slice data by time.

convex-minkowski-sum - Computes the Minkowski sum of two convex polytopes

  •    Javascript

Returns An array of the faces of the Minkowski sum of A and B represented as pairs of lists of vertices in A and B respectively.

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