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Sugar - :coffee: Something sweet that goes great with your Cocoa

  •    Swift

Sugar is a sweetener for your Cocoa implementations. Gain easy access to main bundle information.

SwiftyUtils - All the reusable code that we need in each project

  •    Swift

Check out the repository to find examples / tests for each feature.

jasmine-async-sugar - Simple drop-in syntax sugar for Jasmine 2

  •    Javascript

Simple drop-in syntax sugar for Jasmine 2.X test framework to enhance testing of async (promise) functionality in Angular 1.X applications.Library adds extra global methods which handle async tests implicitly without need to call $rootScope.$digest();, $timeout.flush();,$httpBackend.flush();, or done(); manually. Only thing you need to do is to return the promise in your test function. This approach was inspired by Mocha test framework which waits for resolution of returned promises by default before progressing to next test block.

agave - Cleaner, simpler JavaScript for ES6

  •    Javascript

Agave.js safely extends native JavaScript objects with helpful, intuitive methods that make your code shorter and more readable.

browser-js - A sugar for your browser.

  •    Javascript

A sugar to handle your browser. Redirect to the url given. If top as true, it'll redirect the top window.


  •    Javascript

Underscore.js is a utility-belt library for JavaScript that provides a lot of the functional programming support that you would expect in Prototype.js (or Ruby), but without extending any of the built-in JavaScript objects. Underscore.transparent.js extends the built-in JavaScript objects with Underscore (and Underscore.string.js). So you can use Object-Oriented style and chaining with all Underscore and Underscore.string functions, without using the _ character (in the same way as Sugar library).

sugar-date - A customised build of sugar.js containing only the date functions.

  •    Javascript

The Date API extracted from the excellent Sugar library. Sugar's date parsing, particularly the natural language processing, is second to none in the JavaScript world. This module exposes Sugar's Date API, for node and the browser, stripping away the rest of the library.

postcss-partial-import - Inline sugary @import statements in CSS

  •    Javascript

Partial Import lets you use sugary @import statements in CSS, including glob-like and Sass-like behavior. It even lets you generates imports as a scaffolding tool. The root where paths are resolved. This should be the directory containing node_modules.

array-sugar - Tired of not having a last property on array in Javascript? Tired of not having contains method? This little script solves those

  •    Javascript

Usable in any environment that supports Object.defineProperty(oldest would probably be IE9). Available through npm and bower, just require(or include with regular script tag) and you should be good to go.

delve - Getting properties from values without the error-ridden headache.

  •    Javascript

Delve recursively into a value to retrieve a property; without erroring. It sucks to have to do if ( obj && obj.prop && obj.prop.secondProp ) { ... }.

latte-js - JavaScript + Milk & Sugar

  •    HTML

Latte is an extension of JavaScript, bringing features of CoffeeScript in a familiar JS syntax. If you like CoffeeScript, but not the Rubyish syntax, Latte is for you.

postcss-unicode-characters - An easier way to write unicode-range descriptors.

  •    Javascript

An easier way to write unicode-range descriptors. This module provides syntactic sugar for the unicode-range descriptor, inspired by @svgeesus' dotCSS talk. It provides three different ways to construct a standard unicode-range descriptor by using the non-standard unicode-characters descriptor.

Blueprint - Sugar syntax for Prototypal Inheritance

  •    Javascript

I wanted a small utility (858B bytes minified/413 bytes gzipped) that could easily be used in a cross-browser fashion and still be AMD and Node.js compatible. yeahh… that's the only reason.

falcon_sugar - A little sugar for Falcon applications.

  •    Python

A little bit of sugar for Falcon apps. A Marshmallow-based validator.

hyperaxe - ⚔️ An enchanted hyperscript weapon.

  •    Javascript

An enchanted hyperscript weapon. Exports all HTML tags.

sugar-rs - Rust syntax sugar collections.

  •    Rust

Syntax sugar to make your Rust life more sweet. More detail in sugar's documentation.

Codemine - A gold mine of code, filled with neat utility functions.

  •    Swift

Codemine is a collection of extensions containing useful functions and syntactic sugar for your Swift project. If you are using CocoaPods add this text to your Podfile and run pod install.