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node-windows - Run NodeJS as Windows Service

  •    Javascript

Run Node.js scripts as native Windows services. Includes monitoring. It supports to create logs in the Event log, Run a command with elevated privileges, List Tasks, Kill Tasks etc. node-windows does not use native modules. There are some binary/exe utilities, but everything needed to run more complex tasks is packaged and distributed in a readily usable format. So, no need for Visual Studio... at least not for this module.

sudo_pair - Plugin for sudo that requires another human to approve and monitor privileged sudo sessions

  •    Rust

sudo_pair is a plugin for sudo that requires another human to approve and monitor privileged sudo sessions. sudo is used by engineers daily to run commands as privileged users. But on some sensitive systems, you really want to ensure that no individual can act entirely autonomously. At Square, this includes applications that manage our internal access-control systems, store accounting ledgers, or even move around real money. This plugin allows us to ensure that no user can act entirely on their own authority within these systems.

sudo - sudo for windows

  •    Go

Then, you'll see the UAC dialog.requirement go1.8 or later.

sudo-block - Block users from running your app with root permissions

  •    Javascript

When a file containing this function is run with root permissions it will exit and show an error message telling the user how to fix the problem, so they don't have to run it with sudo.Custom message.

electron-sudo - Electron subprocesses with administrative privileges, prompting the user with an OS dialog if necessary

  •    Javascript

Run a subprocess with administrative privileges, prompting the user with a graphical OS dialog if necessary. Useful for background subprocesse which run native Electron apps that need sudo.If you don't trust binaries bundled in npm package you can manually build tools and use them instead.

is-elevated - Check if the process is running with elevated privileges

  •    Javascript

By checking if the process is root on Unix systems or if the user is Administrator on Windows.Keep in mind that root and Administrator mean different things so this module might not be suitable for your use-case.

tcp-bind - allocate a file descriptor to listen on a port later

  •    Javascript

This is handy if you want to run a server on a low port but want to drop privileges as soon as possible.Allocate a file descriptor to listen on port at an ipv4 or ipv6 string address addr.

fakesudo - sudo almost as fake as your ma

  •    Python

This is a very simple and primitive keylogger that injects an alias of sudo into .bashrc.

suda.vim - An alternative sudo.vim for Vim and Neovim

  •    Vim

suda is a plugin to read or write files with sudo command. This plugin was built while :w !sudo tee % > /dev/null trick does not work on neovim.

sudo - Development repository for sudo cookbook

  •    Ruby

The default recipe configures the /etc/sudoers file. The cookbook also includes a sudo resource to adding and removing individual sudo entries. Use the sudo resource to add or remove individual sudo entries using sudoers.d files.

ansible-role-security - Ansible Role - Security


First, a major, MAJOR caveat: the security of your servers is YOUR responsibility. If you think simply including this role and adding a firewall makes a server secure, then you're mistaken. Read up on Linux, network, and application security, and know that no matter how much you know, you can always make every part of your stack more secure. Again: Your servers' security is your responsibility.

elevate - Python library for requesting root privileges

  •    Python

On Windows, the new process's standard streams are not attached to the parent, which is an inherent limitation of UAC. By default the new process runs in a new console window. To suppress this window, use elevate(show_console=False). On Linux and macOS, graphical prompts are tried before sudo by default. To prevent graphical prompts, use elevate(graphical=False).

rudo - A toy sudo clone written in Rust

  •    Rust

rudo is a toy sudo clone written in Rust that aims to serve as a learning tool as well as (potentially) a useful system administration tool. DISCLAIMER: This is a toy. This has not undergone any formal security analysis. I am not a security expert. Use at your own risk.

windosu - Sudo for Windows

  •    Javascript

You may need to add %appdata%\npm to path.

stdo - Proof of concept sudo for Windows

  •    C++

A terminal. Or two terminals currently. See this short demo. This will produce two binaries in bin\debug. To try it, start TokenServer.exe in an admin console; then in a separate unelevated console run stdo.exe <program> <args>. Currently you need to provide the full path to the program. It will ask for your password, but this is not yet implemented so the password is always password. To see the difference in elevation status, try stdo.exe C:\Windows\System32\whoami.exe /groups and look for the Mandatory Label section.

pam_pwnd - A PAM module to test passwords against previous leaks at haveibeenpwned.com

  •    C

This repository contains a simple PAM module for testing whether a password being used for authentication has been listed in the have I been pwned database. Note that in the documentation here we focus upon ensuring that a password used for sudo has not been compromised, but PAM-modules can be used for many purposes, from handling SSH-access, to permitting HTTP-based authentication. There is nothing sudo-specific about our code so this module can be useful in many contexts.

sudosh - Shell wrapper to run a login shell with `sudo` as the current user for the purpose of audit logging

  •    Go

Sudo Shell is a wrapper to run a login shell with sudo for the purpose of session audit logging. The sudo command provides built-in session logging. Combined with sudoreplay it provides an easy way to review session logs on a bastion host. When used as a system login shell, it will force session logging.

win-sudo - Add `sudo` command to Git Bash

  •    Shell

If we open msysgit as administrator, we can use it as if we were root. However, it is often easier to open without administrator privileges. Well, Git comes with Bash emulator and you can use *nix commands. "sudo" and "apt-get" are not such - there are tools, programs if you like which obviously you don't have.