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graphql - An implementation of GraphQL for Go / Golang

  •    Go

A work-in-progress implementation of GraphQL in Go. Its currently a port of graphql-js v0.6.0 which is based on the April 2016 GraphQL specification. Future efforts will be guided directly by the latest formal GraphQL specification (currently: October 2016).The following is a simple example which defines a schema with a single hello string-type field and a Resolve method which returns the string world. A GraphQL query is performed against this schema with the resulting output printed in JSON format.

react-broadcast - Reliably communicate state changes to deeply nested React elements

  •    Javascript

react-broadcast provides a reliable way for React components to propagate state changes to their descendants deep in the component hierarchy, bypassing intermediaries who return false from shouldComponentUpdate.It was originally built to solve issues that arose from using react-router together with react-redux. The router needed a safe way to communicate state changes to <Link>s deep in the component hierarchy, but react-redux relies on shouldComponentUpdate for performance. react-broadcast allows the router to work seamlessly with Redux and any other component that uses shouldComponentUpdate.

gqlgen - go generate based graphql server library

  •    Go

gqlgen is a Go library for building GraphQL servers without any fuss. It is based on a Schema first approach and provides type safety.

pinax-stripe - a payments Django app for Stripe

  •    Python

This app was formerly called django-stripe-payments and has been renamed to avoid namespace collisions and to have more consistency with Pinax. Pinax is an open-source platform built on the Django Web Framework. It is an ecosystem of reusable Django apps and starter project templates. This collection can be found at http://pinaxproject.com.

Zenbership - Membership Management Platform

  •    PHP

Zenbership is a membership management platform for online businesses facilitating the acquisition, monetization, and retention of members. The software is designed to act as a central hub for your employees, combining multiple tools into one solution, and automating tasks like member registration, renewals, and marketing. It combines event planning, CRM, a CMS, invoicing, subscription management, marketing tools (like e-mail campaigns), a shopping cart, and secure content delivery.

dj-stripe - Django + Stripe Made Easy

  •    Python

Stripe Models for Django. Add some payment plans via the Stripe.com dashboard.

ReSub - A library for writing React components that automatically manage subscriptions to data sources simply by accessing them

  •    TypeScript

A library for writing React components that automatically manage subscriptions to data sources simply by accessing them.

graphql-redis-subscriptions - A graphql subscriptions implementation using redis and apollo's graphql-subscriptions

  •    TypeScript

This package implements the PubSubEngine Interface from the graphql-subscriptions package and also the new AsyncIterator interface. It allows you to connect your subscriptions manger to a redis Pub Sub mechanism to support multiple subscription manager instances. Subscriptions resolvers are not a function, but an object with subscribe method, that returns AsyncIterable.

mercure - The Mercure Component allows to easily push updates to web browsers and other HTTP clients using the Mercure protocol

  •    PHP

Mercure is a protocol allowing to push data updates to web browsers and other HTTP clients in a convenient, fast, reliable and battery-efficient way. It is especially useful to publish real-time updates of resources served through web APIs, to reactive web and mobile apps. The Mercure Component implements the "publisher" part of the Mercure Protocol.

mqtt-router - This module a router for use with MQTT subscriptions.

  •    Javascript

This module a router for use with MQTT subscriptions. If you have just started with MQTT the first thing you will notice is there is only callback registered for on Message, even though you can register multiple subscriptions.. It is therefore up to you the developer to route these to the correct handler, which is why I wrote this library.

tom-microservice - Tom creates customers, subscriptions plans & send notifications.

  •    CSS

tom creates customers, subscriptions plans & send notifications. tom creates customers, subscriptions plans & send notifications.

ReactivePlayBilling - An RxJava wrapper for the Google Play Billing Library

  •    Kotlin

This project acts us a simple wrapper for the Play Billing Library from Google for Android. This allows you to interact with the library in a reactive manner and use it within your reactive streams. Reactive Play Billing currently supports most of the operations that you will find within the library itself.

rebilly-php - SDK for PHP

  •    PHP

The Rebilly SDK for PHP makes it easy for developers to access Rebilly REST APIs in their PHP code. You can get started in minutes by installing the SDK through Composer or by downloading a single zip file from our latest release. Using Composer is the recommended way to install the Rebilly SDK for PHP. To get started, you need run the Composer commands (assume you're in the project's root directory).

relay-subscriptions - Subscription support for Relay

  •    Javascript

Subscription support for Relay Classic. To use Relay Subscriptions, you need to provide a network layer with subscription support. This network layer needs to implement a sendSubscription method that takes a subscription request, calls the observer methods on the request when the subscription updates, and returns a disposable for tearing down the subscription.

graphql-relay-subscription - Relay subscription helpers for GraphQL.js

  •    Javascript

Relay subscription helper for GraphQL.js. As with mutationWithClientId in graphql-relay-js, subscriptionWithClientId creates subscriptions with single inputs and client subscription IDs.

boutique - Immutable data storage

  •    Go

Boutique is an immutable state store with subscriptions to field changes. Boutique is an experiment in versioned, generic state storage for Go.

primus-graphql - Primus server/client plugin for GraphQL and Relay

  •    Javascript

schema: A GraphQLSchema instance from [graphql-js][]. A schema must be provided. context: Optional. A value to pass as the context to the graphql() function from [graphql-js][]. If a function is used it will be invoke w/ spark, and must return the context.

paddle-sdk - Paddle.com Node.js SDK

  •    Javascript

Welcome to the Paddle.com Node.js SDK documentation. See the JSDoc markdown documentation in Documentation.md.

hanzo.js - 🚀 Hanzo JavaScript SDK. Develop cutting-edge decentralized applications.

  •    CoffeeScript

Hanzo.js is a client and server-side library for Hanzo. It is a complete Ecommerce SDK for JavaScript. You can embed Hanzo.js in your application or web page or on the server with Node. Getting started is easy: you just need an API key from Hanzo and a snippet of JavaScript to get going.

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