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anaconda - Anaconda turns your Sublime Text 3 in a full featured Python development IDE including autocompletion, code linting, IDE features, autopep8 formating, McCabe complexity checker Vagrant and Docker support for Sublime Text 3 using Jedi, PyFlakes, pep8, MyPy, PyLint, pep257 and McCabe that will never freeze your Sublime Text 3

Anaconda turns your Sublime Text 3 into a full featured Python IDE. Read the plugin documentation on http://damnwidget.github.io/anaconda.Anaconda works out of the box but there are multitude of options and features that you can tune and adapt to your own style or needs.

ActualVim - Sublime Text 3 input mode using Neovim

Everything you like about using Sublime Text 3, and everything you like about typing in vim. Actual uses an embedded Neovim instance to accurately manipulate each Sublime Text buffer as though you were editing the text directly in vim, while the Sublime Text interface, features, and plugins continue to work (see end of README for caveats).

PlainTasks - An opinionated todo-list plugin for Sublime Text editor (version 2 and 3)

If you have Package Control installed, simply search for PlainTasks to install. Clone source code to Sublime Text packages folder.

sublime-bookmarks - Sublime Text essential plugins and resources

This tiny project follows GitHub community trend to aggregate the most essential bookmarks for specific subject in the form of a handy well-structured collection. Here you will find tutorials and learning materials for Sublime Text, general purpose extensions for coding and text editing, and specialized extensions grouped by usage profiles.Fork and edit (or propose something to add).

AlignTab - An alignment plugin for Sublime Text using regular expression

The most flexible alignment plugin for Sublime Text 3. This plugin is inspired by the excellent VIM plugin, tabular. ST2 support is deprecated but however, it is still possible to install AlignTab on ST2 via Package Control.

sublime-monokai-extended - Extends Monokai from Soda with additional syntax highlighting for Markdown, LESS, HTML, Handlebars and more

Open a Markdown file in Sublime Text and make sure that syntax highlighting is set to Markdown Extended (not Markdown) View -> Syntax -> Markdown Extended. Then go to Preferences -> Color Scheme -> Monokai Extended and pick a theme.

sublime-rails-snippets - Sublime Text snippets for the latest Ruby and Rails versions

This repo provides up-to-date Ruby and Rails snippets for Sublime Text: it's designed to be used with Ruby >= 2.0 and Rails >= 3. All the snippets can be found in this cheatsheet generated by Snipcheat. If you're using Sublime Text 2, please refer to older installation instructions.

PackageDev - Tools to ease the creation of snippets, syntax definitions, etc. for Sublime Text.

PackageDev provides syntax highlighting and other helpful utility for Sublime Text resource files. Resource files are ways of configuring the Sublime Text text editor to various extends, including but not limited to: custom syntax definitions, context menus (and the main menu), and key bindings.

Handlebars - Fullest Handlebars

It's a great JavaScript templating engine, based on Mustache, but amongst others adding the ability to precompile templates and to create custom helpers. Get it through Sublime Package Control.

anaconda_go - AnacondaGO adds autocompletion, linting and IDE features for Golang to your Sublime Text 3

AnacondaGO adds autocompletion, linting and IDE features for Golang to your Sublime Text 3 using anaconda's asynchronous engine so it shouldn't freeze your Sublime Text ever.Note: AnacondaGO does not include any key binding by itself as we think that package key bindings are intrusive, anyway, we provide some key binding suggestions in this same README file.

sublime-ava - Snippets for AVA

Install AVA with Package Control and restart Sublime.Included are some snippets & completions useful for writing AVA tests.

SublimeLinter-contrib-xo - SublimeLinter plugin for XO

This linter plugin for SublimeLinter provides an interface to XO. It will be used with files that have the "javascript" syntax.SublimeLinter 3 must be installed in order to use this plugin. If SublimeLinter 3 is not installed, please follow the instructions here.

sublimetext-launcher - Maps subl:// URL schemes on OSX to SublimeText 2

You should now be good to go. and then open Sublime Text 2 Launcher.app once (it will quickly quit itself, this is the expected behaviour).