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sus - simple data-uri stylesheet generator

SUS parses your css source and generates two new CSS sources from it – a base source and a sprites source.The base source has all your original styles minus all background image defintions.

BizTalk Map Documenter

The BizTalk Map Documenter stylesheet transforms a BizTalk map into an HTML page that is much more "friendly" format to share with non-developers who need to understand the transformations (e.g. testers) and who may not have access to Visual Studio.

SharePoint 2013 Starter Stylesheet

This is a starter css to be used in the branding of a Sharepont 2013 publishing site, containing mainly the classes used for text styling.


jQuery plugin to extend functionality of css, alows a single prefix in multiple browsers for prefixed rules, non-css attribures added like css, etc.


SVG Style - jQuery plugin to manipulate with styles of SVG in runtime http://xvoland.github.io/jquery-plugin-svg-style/

node-term-css - style terminal output using CSS

Terminal CSS styling using node-css.term-css substitutes tokens with properties in the object passed, for example {name} will access { name: "tobi" }, whereas {labels.visits} will access { labels: { visits: 'Visits' } }.