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css - Believe in Better CSS

  •    Javascript

Before diving into the details of CSS coding style, you can find a Sky-conformant .scss template over at git.io/template. It's important we keep code transparent and self-documented when it comes to naming our selectors.

stylelint-rscss - Validate CSS with RSCSS conventions

  •    Javascript

stylelint-rscss is a plugin for stylelint to validate your code against RSCSS conventions. It supports SCSS (Sass), SugarSS and Less, as supported by stylelint.As a stylelint plugin, it can be used with stylelint's hundreds of rules or other stylelint configs to validate other good CSS practices as well.

stylelint-config-sass-guidelines - ⚙ A stylelint config based on https://sass-guidelin.es/

  •    Javascript

Sass Guidelines shareable config for stylelint. Simply add a "rules" key to your config and add your overrides there.

stylelint-config-css-modules - CSS modules shareable config for stylelint

  •    Javascript

CSS modules shareable config for stylelint. Tweaks stylelint rules to accept css modules specific syntax. This is useful as an override of pre-defined rules, for instance the stylelint-config-standard.

stylelint-config-styled-components - The shareable stylelint config for stylelint-processor-styled-components

  •    Javascript

When using stylelint-processor-styled-components a couple of stylelint rules throw errors that you cannot prevent. Like 'no-empty-source' or 'no-missing-end-of-source-newline'. This shareable config will automatically disable rules that cause unresolvable conflicts. Besides those rules vendor prefixed properties and values will throw an error since styled-components automatically generates vendor prefixes for your css. Note that if you want to change any of these rules you can always override them in your stylelint config.

stylelint-config-shopify - Shopify's stylelint rules and config

  •    Javascript

Shopify’s stylelint rules come bundled in stylelint-config-shopify. To enable these rules, add a stylelint property in your package.json. See the stylelint configuration docs for more details. Now you can run stylelint by adding the following linting script to your package.json. See the stylelint CLI docs for more details.

stylelint-config-meetic - A configurable stylelint configuration used in Meetic projects to lint PostCSS

  •    Javascript

A configurable Stylelint configuration used in Meetic projects. The purpose of this library is to promote code style consistency across complex projects in organizations of all sizes.

stylelint-rules - A style (CSS, Sass) linter for the 18F style guide

  •    Javascript

The aim of this module is to present a sensible set of linting defaults for front-end projects, without requiring an additional dependency on ruby. It leverages stylelint and postCSS to perform many of the same linting functions as scss-lint. To get started, run npm install --save-dev @18f/stylelint-rules. This adds the module to your project and saves the dependency to your package.json.

stylelint-config-recommended-scss - The recommended shareable SCSS config for stylelint

  •    Javascript

The recommended shareable SCSS config for stylelint. It turns on all the possible errors rules within stylelint.

stylelint-config-suitcss - SUIT CSS config for stylelint

  •    Javascript

SUIT CSS shareable config for stylelint. Configuration rules to ensure your CSS code is compliant with SUIT CSS's code style.

stylelint-config-react-native-styled-components - Shareable stylelint config for styled components when using React Native

  •    Javascript

Shareable stylelint config for styled components when using React Native. Create the .stylelintrc config file (or open the existing one) add the stylelint processor and extend stylelint-config-react-native-styled-components config.

linters - Tinkoff TSLint, Stylelint and Prettier linter configurations

  •    TypeScript

This repository contains base and specific configurations for JavaScript / Typescript, React and Angular applications and libraries.

stylelint-config-recess-order - 🗂️ Recess-based property sort order for Stylelint.

  •    Javascript

A Stylelint config that sorts CSS properties the way Recess did and Bootstrap did/does. *With some modifications & additions for modern properties.

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