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react-styled-flexboxgrid - Grid system based on styled-components and flexbox for React

  •    Javascript

Set of React components that implement flexboxgrid.css but with styled-components. Furthermore, it allows to customize grid configuration like gutter width... Highly inspired by the excellent react-flexbox-grid which the API is nearly the same than this module.

typescript-styled-plugin - TypeScript server plugin that adds intellisense to styled component css strings

  •    Javascript

This plugin requires TypeScript 2.4 or later. It can provide intellisense in both JavaScript and TypeScript files within any editor that uses TypeScript to power their language features. This includes VS Code, Sublime with the TypeScript plugin, Atom with the TypeScript plugin, and others.Finally, run the Select TypeScript version command in VS Code to switch to use the workspace version of TypeScript for VS Code's JavaScript and TypeScript language support. You can find more information about managing typescript versions in the VS Code documentation.

styletron-themer - Themable component-building tool for Styletron & React

  •    Javascript

Styletron Themer is a toolkit for building themable components in React. It takes the ideas from the official styletron-react package and expands upon them. The test suite can be run with one of two commands. The first (test:ci) runs the tests and exits; the second (test) enters watch mode.

react-styled-box - Styled component that speedup prototyping layouts with ready flex powered Box.

  •    Javascript

This is a simple styled.div component, that makes your basic positioning of elements faster. Instead of writing all of the "styled" components upfront you can prototype the layout faster with this ready <Box>.

jss-material-ui - A enhanced styling engine for material-ui

  •    Javascript

Material-ui 1.0 is a great react library, but its css to jss styling could be enhanced. The first style is applied to the corresponding styled component.

styled-elements - Styled components for the DOM.

  •    Javascript

A super tiny DOM equivalent of styled-components. I love styled-components and needed a DOM equivalent for a project. This is the result. It functions almost the same with pseudo and media queries supported. Dynamic props can be fed in through primitive functions; the output of each is a function where props can be fed in, which then returns another function where child elements and strings can be fed in.

styled-style - css modules like styled-components

  •    Javascript

styled-components are wonderful!!! However, if there are many existing css, it can not be transferred immediately. styled-style can be transferred step by step. You can use readable components immediately.

freestyler - 5th generation CSS-in-JS library

  •    TypeScript

Consider using nano-css instead. It is smaller, tested and actively maintained. 5th generation React styling library — it is lightning fast, lean, and with gazillion features.

nano-css - Distilled CSS-in-JS for gourmet developers

  •    Javascript

Tiny 5th generation CSS-in-JS library that you can actually use in production. Motto of nano-css is simple: create the smallest possible CSS-in-JS library and provide all features of any other library through addons.

react-styled - styled component for react & style-loader/usable

  •    Javascript

styled is a ES7 decorator that applies useable style only if at least one instance of the component it is attached to is in mounted, and removes it when there are no more instances. first, install style-loader, css-loader and possibility the loader of your choice for a pre/post-processor.

stylish-components - A component styling library with minimalism and performance in mind

  •    Javascript

Stylish components is a blazing fast, lightweight, component styling library similar to styled-components. This package is lacking a lot of the features styled-components provides, but provides all the features I personally use. I might add theming and animations if requested or if I need them personally.

styled-components-test-utils - Test utils for styled-components compatible with jest, expect, chai and jasmine

  •    Javascript

This project is based on one simple idea: write a powerful set of test-utils for styled-components compatible with a lot assertion libraries. This is born from the willing to use jest-styled-components (a useful project on which this one is based) with expect.

styled-jss - Styled Components on top of JSS.

  •    Javascript

Styled-JSS implements a styled-primitives interface on top of JSS. Its API is similar to styled-components but thanks to the JSS core, it supports all features and plugins JSS does. For e.g. you can use full JSON Syntax inside. Try it out on playground.