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ghostunnel - A simple SSL/TLS proxy with mutual authentication for securing non-TLS services

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Ghostunnel is a simple TLS proxy with mutual authentication support for securing non-TLS backend applications.Ghostunnel supports two modes, client mode and server mode. Ghostunnel in server mode runs in front of a backend server and accepts TLS-secured connections, which are then proxied to the (insecure) backend. A backend can be a TCP domain/port or a UNIX domain socket. Ghostunnel in client mode accepts (insecure) connections through a TCP or UNIX domain socket and proxies them to a TLS-secured service. In other words, ghostunnel is a replacement for stunnel.

farm - haproxy + stud made easy, socket.io ready

  •    Javascript

Provides means to scale HTTP/HTTPS servers in unobtrusive way. Uses haproxy as reverse proxy and load balancer for HTTP, and stud as HTTPS terminator. Supports socket.io. Serves permissive Flash Sockets Policy. Now you have haproxy listening to :80 for HTTP and :65443 for HTTPS terminated by stud listening to :443.

tlstunnel - TLS tunnel -- an alternative to stud / stunnel

  •    OCaml

You first need OCaml (at least 4.1.0) and OPAM (1.2.*) from your distribution. Run opam install tlstunnel after opam init finished.

ssl-cp - SSL control panel with API

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Control panel for organize, manager, sign and revoke certificates. Project is still under heavy development but it's already using for internal projects. System allows you separate certificates by projects. Each project contains own CA (private key + public cert) and list of issued (signed by CA) certificates.