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ultimate-python - Ultimate Python study guide for newcomers and professionals alike

  •    Python

🏆 Serve as a resource for Python newcomers who prefer to learn hands-on. This repository has a collection of standalone modules which can be run in an IDE like PyCharm and in the browser like Replit. Even a plain old terminal will work with the examples. Most lines have carefully crafted comments which guide a reader through what the programs are doing step-by-step. Users are encouraged to modify source code anywhere as long as the main routines are not deleted and run successfully after each change. 🏆 Serve as a pure guide for those who want to revisit core Python concepts. Only builtin libraries are leveraged so that these concepts can be conveyed without the overhead of domain-specific concepts. As such, popular open-source libraries and frameworks (i.e. sqlalchemy, requests, pandas) are not installed. However, reading the source code in these frameworks is inspiring and highly encouraged if your goal is to become a true Pythonista.

swoole_study - 一份Swoole入门教程,根据作者的个人理解编写,常见的Swoole入门知识和讲解。





Jonathan - God Given. Jonathan is much like the currently available Bible reading programs, with one difference. With Jonathan, you can read other Spiritual Texts that are outside of the Bible. Jonathan hopes to help some reach Spiritual Enlightenment by increasing wisdom thro...

WeixinResource - 微信开发资源汇总 | WeChat Development Resources Summary

  •    HTML

This project is used for collecting and organizing WeChat development resources, welcome to contribute contents. This project was created on August 14, 2016.

studynotes.org - ✏️ Learn faster. Study better.

  •    Javascript

We are building the best and simplest learning tools to empower students to accelerate their learning – i.e. to learn more effectively, in a shorter time, and with better long-term recall.See CONTIBUTING.md for instructions on how to contribute to the Study Notes project.

starway-to-orione - The Orione Team Learning Path


This is the learning path every new developer has to follow when joining the XPeppers team. This path reflects our team's culture and values, which have their roots in the agile values and principles, as well as in those of XP, and in the software craftsmanship manifesto.

gostudy - Go study session presentation at CyberAgent

  •    Go

Use your keyboard (left and right keys) to move between slides.

emacs-workshop - Emacs Course Prep Material


This is an attempt at producing course material for Emacs. The material is highly opinionated. For example, I handpick certain MELPA packages like use-package to introduce.

MI-PYT - Materiály k předmětu MI-PYT na FIT ČVUT

  •    Jupyter

Díváte se na materiály předmětu MI-PYT (Pokročilý Python) na FIT ČVUT. Materiály jsou dostupné v dvojí podobě, interně pro studenty FITu na Eduxu a pro všechny veřejně na GitHubu. V repozitáři na GitHubu jsou pouze věci specifické pro předmět, výukové materiály vznikají v projektu Nauč se Python, taktéž dostupné na GitHubu. Kde není uvedeno jinak, jsou materiály dostupné pod licencí Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International, kde autorem je Petr Viktorin, Miro Hrončok a Marek Suchánek (vyučující předmětu) a další přispěvatelé. Tento kurz vzniká pod záštitou firmy Red Hat Czech, s.r.o.

software-development-resources - Curated list of Software Development resources


This is a curated list of the most didactic and/or deeply detailed must-read resources about software development. Is a general, reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem in software architecture within a given context. Architectural patterns are similar to software design pattern but have a broader scope.

sre-interview-prep-guide - Site Reliability Engineer Interview Preparation Guide


This repository is an attempt to consolidate useful resources for Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) interview preparation.

Free-Courses - A collection of free courses about programming

  •    Javascript

Freecourses is a platform which offers a collection of free course links for various development languages and frameworks. You will find every course which is listed here is either free or trial version for learning. So enjoy the content.

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