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AcademicContent - Free tech resources for faculty, students, researchers, life-long learners, and academic community builders for use in tech based courses, workshops, and hackathons

  •    Jupyter

The content and the code in this repo are intended for computer science instruction as a collaboration with Microsoft developer advocates and Faculty / Students under the MIT license. Please check back regularly for updated versions. This repo provides technical resources to help students and faculty learn about Azure and teach others. The content covers cross-platform scenarios in AI and machine learning, data science, web development, mobile app dev, internet of things, and DevOps. It also includes interesting tech talks and engaging, fun tech challenges that Microsoft leads at student hackathons and Imagine Cup.

TEAMMATES feedback management tool for education

  •    Java

TEAMMATES is a free online tool for managing peer evaluations and other feedback paths of your students. It is provided as a cloud-based service for educators/students and is currently used by hundreds of universities across the world.

expertiza - Expertiza is a web application through which students can submit and peer-review learning objects (articles, code, web sites, etc)

  •    Ruby

Expertiza is a web application where students can submit and peer-review learning objects (articles, code, web sites, etc). It is used in select courses at NC State and by professors at several other colleges and universities. The expertiza environment is already set up in NC State's VCL image "Ruby on Rails". If you have access, this is quickest way to get a development environment running for Expertiza. See the Google doc on setting up the Expertiza development environment.

Autolab - Course management service that enables auto-graded programming assignments.

  •    Ruby

Autolab is a course management service, initially developed by a team of students at Carnegie Mellon University, that enables instructors to offer autograded programming assignments to their students over the Web. The two key ideas in Autolab are autograding, that is, programs evaluating other programs, and scoreboards. Autolab also provides other services that instructors expect in a course management system, including gradebooks, rosters, handins/handouts, lab writeups, code annotation, manual grading, late penalties, grace days, cheat checking, meetings, partners, and bulk emails.

Pupilfirst LMS - Learning Management System

  •    Ruby

Pupilfirst gives you a proven solution to keep your students engaged while keeping you, the teacher, always in the loop. Pupilfirst hepls you to create curriculum and assignments and it enables you to quickly and efficiently review the quality of task submissions by students, share feedback and create a conversation around what students have learned. It encourages collaboration by building student communities that can solve its own problems, and even supports teaming up of students to go through a challenging course together.

Say Here


"Say Here" is a free application that allows teachers to keep track of student attendance.

CodeCoopersLms - As Code Coopers Training (previously known as Virtual Tech Academy), we have launched a LMS for our students

  •    Javascript

As Code Coopers Training (previously known as Virtual Tech Academy), we have launched a LMS for our students. We are open sourcing those LMS projects here one by one for the greater good. Please share and Mark Star if you appreciate it.

curr - All curricular materials for Bootstrap course modules

  •    Racket

This is the repository for Bootstrap curriculum and the software infrastructure that generates notes, handouts, workbooks, and other educational materials from the curriculum. The curriculum is licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 Unported License (type CC BY-NC-ND). Based on a work at www.BootstrapWorld.org.


  •    Javascript

You can access the website at stalker.fuzzie.sg. A NUS student log in is required. Created and maintained by Fazli Sapuan.

Best-student-discount-services - Best student discount services one should definitely try out! Contributions and translations are highly encouraged


A student ID 💳 is a key 🔑 that unlocks 🔐 several deals and free stuff 🎉 that can make life better. This is a list of the best services that offer student discounts that students must try. Microsoft Imagine: pack of Microsoft cloud services like Azure, for deploying projects, free for students.

project-ideas - Project ideas for students at KITE, KGCAS, IIM and anybody else!

  •    HTML

Project ideas, ideally for students who are looking to execute mini or final year projects. If you are interested and would like access to resources (including 24-hour web access, hardware, etc.) please write to pramyaen@gmail.com requesting for the same.

PennCourseSearch - A web app designed to help Penn students find classes and make schedules

  •    Javascript

Fed up with the bloated, inefficient, and slow excuse for an online portal that is Penn InTouch, I decided to make a cleaner and simpler way for Quakers to find classes and make schedules. While this is not a full replacement for Penn InTouch, it acts as an improvement of the "Course Search" and "Mock Schedules" features. Students can search departments, courses, and sections as well as descriptions and instructors. All of the data comes from the Penn OpenData API and PennCourseReview API. The server sorts and returns the requested information as JSON, which is then formatted client-side. Schedules are also created using OpenData information and the image is made using client-side JS.

projects - A website that showcases interesting projects, using Angular JS.

  •    HTML

This is designed for GSoC but can be used for other initiatives at the same time. We use it for research theses, GSoC, GCI and maybe others in the future. Users can also add FAQs by simply creating a markdown file in _faq folder.

library-management-system - :books: An automated library management system developed in Laravel 4

  •    PHP

An automated system to manage a public library. Admin panel for librarians to control and manage the system easily through an interactive interface.

schsrch - Simple and intuitive CIE search engine

  •    Javascript

For a possible developmental set-up, see ./docker-compose-example.yml . BrowserStack supported this project by offering me free access to a variety of real iPhone / Mac devices for testing, which I couldn't have afford otherwise. Big thanks goes to them. Their platform allows you to test your website remotely with real devices running Android, iOS, Windows, OS X and even Windows Phone, just in your browser. There is a 30 minute trial for new users. I would recommend using that to see if your website runs nicely on all platforms.

OtripleS - Schooling System for the world

  •    CSharp

This is an open source schooling system, dedicated to provide a better experience for schools needing a management and communication and tutoring system all in one place. This project is aiming toward directing all the software development funds and hours to families in need, the idea of the project is to allow schools to use the system as long as the software funds in the school are directed towards financially disadvantaged families and students.

OSeMOSYS - OSeMOSYS - the Open Source Energy Modelling System


Welcome to OSeMOSYS - the Open Source energy MOdelling SYStem. This source code repository contains the Apache-2.0 licensed source-code for the different implementations of OSeMOSYS - GNU MathProg, Pyomo, PuLP and GAMS. For an in-depth introduction to the underlying model and its structure, you can read the original paper (needs access to Elsevier ScienceDirect).

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