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OHHTTPStubs - Stub your network requests easily! Test your apps with fake network data and custom response time, response code and headers!

  •    Objective-C

It works with NSURLConnection, NSURLSession, AFNetworking, Alamofire or any networking framework that use Cocoa's URL Loading System. OHHTTPStubs headers are fully documented using Appledoc-like / Headerdoc-like comments in the header files. You can also read the online documentation here.

mountebank - Over the wire test doubles

  •    HTML

In fact, halfway through we discovered our corporate mocking software couldn’t handle the sheer amount of performance testing we were running as part of this effort (we completely crushed some pretty industrial enterprise software in the process). As a result, we made the call to move the entire program over to a Mountebank OSS-based solution with a custom provision to give us the ability to expand/shrink our mocking needs on demand. mountebank is the first open source tool to provide cross-platform, multi-protocol test doubles over the wire. Just point your application to mountebank instead of the real dependency, and test like you would with traditional stubs and mocks.

Networking - Easy HTTP Networking in Swift a NSURLSession wrapper with image caching support

  •    Swift

Networking was born out of the necessity of having a simple networking library that doesn't have crazy programming abstractions or uses the latest reactive programming techniques, but just a plain, simple and convenient wrapper around NSURLSession that supports common needs such as faking requests and caching images out of the box. A library that is small enough to read in one go but useful enough to include in any project. That's how Networking came to life, a fully tested library for iOS, tvOS, watchOS and OS X that will always be there for you. Initializing an instance of Networking means you have to select a NSURLSessionConfiguration. The available types are Default, Ephemeral and Background, if you don't provide any or don't have special needs then Default will be used.

hoverfly - Lightweight service virtualization/API simulation tool for developers and testers

  •    Go

Hoverfly is a lightweight, open source API simulation tool. Using Hoverfly, you can create realistic simulations of the APIs your application depends on. Hoverfly is developed and maintained by SpectoLabs.

Kakapo.js - :bird: Next generation mocking framework in Javascript

  •    Javascript

Kakapo its a full featured http mocking library, he allows you to entirely replicate your backend logic in simple and declaritive way directly in the browser. This way you can easily prototype and develop the whole Application without backend and just deactivate Kakapo when you go production. In order to achieve that Kakapo gives you a set of utilities like Routing, Database, Response, Request and so on... Use the kakapo router to declare two custom routes and returning custom data.

mmock - Mmock is an HTTP mocking application for testing and fast prototyping

  •    Go

Easy and fast HTTP mock server. Built with Go - Mmock runs without installation on multiple platforms.

Hippolyte - HTTP Stubbing in Swift

  •    Swift

An HTTP stubbing library written in Swift. To stub a request, first you need to create a StubRequest and StubResponse. You then register this stub with Hippolyte and tell it to intercept network requests by calling the start() method.

phony - Mocks, stubs, and spies for PHP.

  •    PHP

Mocks, stubs, and spies for PHP. See the section on Integration with test frameworks in the documentation.

a - Javascript mock and TDD framework.

  •    Javascript

Mocking framework + testing framework. The mocking framework can be used in any JavaScript testing framework.

wiremock-ui - An unofficial UI for WireMock

  •    TypeScript

An unofficial UI for WireMock. The project was bootstrapped using create-react-app using custom scripts react-scripts-ts for typescript support.

apitest - Simple behavioral api testing in go

  •    Go

A simple and extensible behavioural testing library in golang. Supports mocking external http calls and renders sequence diagrams on completion. In behavioural tests the internal structure of the app is not known by the tests. Data is input to the system and the outputs are expected to meet certain conditions.

spy - Clojure/ClojureScript library for stubs, spies and mocks.

  •    Clojure

Spy - a Clojure and ClojureScript library for stubs, spies and mocks. This library is aimed at users of clojure.test. It records calls and responses to and from a function, allowing you to verify interactions. Terms used in this library are as follows, there are many different names for Mocks, see Test Doubles, Fakes, Mocks and Stubs for more detail.

hoverfly-java - Java binding for Hoverfly

  •    Java

A Java native language binding for Hoverfly, a Go proxy which allows you to simulate http services in your unit tests. Another term for this is Service Virtualisation.

quick-example-of-testing-in-nodejs - 🛡 An example TDD project in Node

  •    Javascript

The project is a very simple script that pulls current weather data from OpenWeatherMap for your location, it then analyses it and lists which items (umbrella, icecream, jumper...) you will need for the current weather.

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