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disc - :chart_with_upwards_trend: Visualise the module tree of browserify project bundles and track down bloat

  •    Javascript

Disc is a tool for analyzing the module tree of browserify project bundles. It's especially handy for catching large and/or duplicate modules which might be either bloating up your bundle or slowing down the build process.The demo included on disc's github page is the end result of running the tool on browserify's own code base.

jsinspect - Detect copy-pasted and structurally similar code

  •    Javascript

Detect copy-pasted and structurally similar JavaScript code. Requires Node.js 6.0+, and supports ES6, JSX as well as Flow. Note: the project has been mostly rewritten for the 0.10 release and saw several breaking changes.We've all had to deal with code smell, and duplicate code is a common source. While some instances are easy to spot, this type of searching is the perfect use-case for a helpful CLI tool.

x-ray - The next web scraper. See through the <html> noise.

  •    Javascript

Looking for a career upgrade? Check out the available Node.js & Javascript positions at these innovative companies.Flexible schema: Supports strings, arrays, arrays of objects, and nested object structures. The schema is not tied to the structure of the page you're scraping, allowing you to pull the data in the structure of your choosing.

objc-dependency-visualizer - Objective-C and Swift dependency visualizer

  •    Javascript

Objective-C and Swift dependency visualizer. It's tool that helps to visualize current state of your project. It's really easy to see how tight your classes are coupled.

colony - :chart_with_upwards_trend: In-browser network graphs representing the links between your Node

  •    Javascript

In-browser graphs representing the links between your Node.js code and its dependencies.This will traverse app.js's dependencies and dump the necessary static HTML/CSS/JS files to the ./colony directory, this page being ./colony/index.html. Then it's just a matter of serving it up using something like serve, NGINX or plain old Apache.


  •    Javascript

The purpose for this repository is to serve as a base project for your next Node and Express web app. Clone it and you are ready to go. It will provide you with a simple but solid structure on which to build on. We will do our best to keep it up to date with the latest node and express versions.

immu - A TINY, fail-fast, lazy, immutable Javascript objects library.

  •    Javascript

A TINY, fail-fast, lazy, "naked", simple immutable Javascript objects library. Immu does not attempt to add functionality to Arrays, introduce complex data structures like Map and Set, or provide a complete solution with cursors and stores. Immu is meant to be the simplest possible solution to providing immutable objects while maintaining the native API for those objects (including Array methods).

skema - 🛰 Skema provides a handy & composable way to validate / transform / purify the input data.

  •    Javascript

Supports both async and sync flows. Skema has two working modes to support either async or sync validators, setters, etc, making it capable with much more complicated challenges. NOT only type checker. Unlike TypeScript, joi, and many others, Skema is not only a JavaScript type checker, but also a good solution for your Anti-Corruption Layer (ACL) to transform and purify the input data. And Skema could also be configured as a simple schema validator too.

sass-build-structure - An example SASS build structure sample to start a project

  •    CSS

After reading the book SMACSS and finding it very helpful the Front End team at Evernote has used some of the ideas in our SASS build. We've found breaking the SASS files out into directories (Base, Layout, Modules, and Views) helps organize our files in a project and compile CSS into a clean, logical file. Each page has a SASS (.scss) file created that acts as a project file that imports the individual modular components from Base, Layout, Modules, and Views that are needed to build the particular page. This build methodology is currently being used on Evernote.com.

immstruct - Immutable data structures with history for top-to-bottom properties in component based libraries like React

  •    Javascript

A wrapper for Immutable.js to easily create cursors that notify when they are updated. Handy for use with immutable pure components for views, like with Omniscient or React.js. See the API References for more documentation and usage.

construct - PHP project/micro-package generator.

  •    PHP

PHP project/micro-package generator. Construct should be installed globally through composer.

structure-view - Structure View for ATOM editor, just like Outline view in Eclipse or Structure tool window in IDEA / WebStorm, provides quick navigation for symbols of source code with a tree view

  •    Javascript

Structure View for ATOM editor, just like Outline view in Eclipse or Structure tool window in IDEA / WebStorm, provides quick navigation for symbols of source code with a tree view.Only tested on Atom v1.17, v1.19 yet. Please help this tool works well on more versions of Atom.

structuredjs - Test JavaScript code, look for functionality.

  •    Javascript

structured.js is a Javascript library that provides a simple interface for verifying the structure of Javascript code, backed by the abstract syntax tree generated by Esprima. It is particularly useful in checking beginner code to provide feedback as part of Khan Academy's CS curriculum.Structured.js works in-browser <script src='structured.js'></script>, or as a standalone npm module.

graphs - An intuitive data structure for graphs, implemented using ES6 data structures.

  •    Javascript

An intuitive data structure for graphs, implemented using ES6 data structures.Linking will also add nodes to the graph.

migroose - MongoDB database / data-structure migrations, for MongooseJS models and schemas

  •    Javascript

Migroose provides database / data-structure migrations for MongoDB, with NodeJS and MongooseJS models / schemas. Changing your document structure in MongoDB is no different than changing a table structure in a relational database, when it comes to migrating data. The migration needs to be done - you need your new data structure to be populated with the data from the old structure.

packet - Incremental binary parsers and serializers for Node.js.

  •    Javascript

Incremental binary parsers and serializers for Node.js. In the middle of the final rewrite after many years of learning about Node.js.

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