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grasp - JavaScript structural search, replace, and refactor

  •    LiveScript

JavaScript structural search, replace, and refactor. Demo, documentation, and more: graspjs.com.

icepick - Utilities for treating frozen JavaScript objects as persistent immutable collections

  •    Javascript

Utilities for treating frozen JavaScript objects as persistent immutable collections. Object.freeze() is a quick and easy way to get immutable collections in plain JavaScript. If you recursively freeze an object hierarchy, you have a nice structure you can pass around without fear of mutation. The problem is that if you want to modify properties inside this hierarchical collection, you have to return a new copy with the properties changed.

node-deeper - slightly better structural equality testing

  •    Javascript

deeper is a library for structurally comparing the equality of JavaScript values. It supports recursive / cyclical data structures, is written to avoid try / catch / throw (for speed), and has no dependencies by default. If you're running Node 0.12+ or io.js, deeper will use the built-in Buffer.equals(). If you're running an older version of Node and you install Ben Noordhuis's buffertools into a project using deeper, it will use that to speed up comparison of Buffers. This used to be installed as an optional dependency, but it gets in the way of browserification and also makes using deeper in your own projects harder, so I changed it to just try to use it if it's there.

objgrep - Find strings inside complicated javascript objects

  •    Javascript

Run this bookmarklet. It adds a .grep method to every object which you can use in the Chrome console. For example let's define a foo object.

edit - A stand-alone implementation of the Acme text editor's command language.

  •    Go

Rob Pike pioneered structural regular expressions in the 1980s. The original implementations can be found in his Sam and Acme text editors.

node-diff-json-structure - Get the structural diff of two JSON objects

  •    Javascript

Get the structural diff of two JSON objects, using diff's internally which is a module used by several test frameworks. Calculates the structural diff between oldObj and newObj, returning an array of parts.


  •    Javascript

This is a library of validation transform combinators. The main idea is to produce validation errors in the same shape as the data structure being validated. This way validation errors can be accessed at the same path as the data and can be mechanically associated with the corresponding elements of the validated data structure. Note that the ▶ links take you to a live version of this page and that there is a playground for sharing examples.

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