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superstruct - A simple and composable way to validate data in Javascript.

  •    Javascript

A simple and composable way to validate data in JavaScript. Superstruct makes it easy to define interfaces and then validate JavaScript data against them. Its type annotation API was inspired by Typescript, Flow, Go, and GraphQL, giving it a familiar and easy to understand API.

skema - 🛰 Skema provides a handy & composable way to validate / transform / purify the input data.

  •    Javascript

Supports both async and sync flows. Skema has two working modes to support either async or sync validators, setters, etc, making it capable with much more complicated challenges. NOT only type checker. Unlike TypeScript, joi, and many others, Skema is not only a JavaScript type checker, but also a good solution for your Anti-Corruption Layer (ACL) to transform and purify the input data. And Skema could also be configured as a simple schema validator too.

fako - Struct Faker for Go

  •    Go

Fako is a library intended to fake Golang structs with fake but coherent data, Fako maps struct field tags and generates fake data accordingly. We find it useful when writing specs to generate fake database data, hope you too.

new-struct - Structs inspred from Golang

  •    Javascript

Check out Usage and examples for more info about it.To create a an instance of the Animal struct, just call it with an object. this and new keywords are not needed, everything is just functions.

goq - A declarative struct-tag-based HTML unmarshaling or scraping package for Go built on top of the goquery library

  •    Go

Package goq was built to allow users to declaratively unmarshal HTML into go structs using struct tags composed of css selectors.I've made a best effort to behave very similarly to JSON and XML decoding as well as exposing as much information as possible in the event of an error to help you debug your Unmarshaling issues.

ref-struct - Create ABI-compliant "struct" instances on top of Buffers

  •    Javascript

This module offers a "struct" implementation on top of Node.js Buffers using the ref "type" interface.You can build up a Struct "type" incrementally (useful when interacting with a parser) using the defineProperty() function. But as soon as you create an instance of the struct type, then the struct type is finalized, and no more properties may be added to it.

struct-fu - Yet another node.js struct implementation (object↔︎buffer conversion)

  •    Javascript

Convert between JSON and binary according to a given field layout/structure declaration. struct-fu is [yet another] buffer reading/writing helper; sort of like typedef struct foo for JavaScript. Here are the available "normal" field types. Note that for standalone fields the name and count parameters are always optional. For fields nested within a struct field, you must provide a name.

Struct.js - Object with strict type checking for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Works on Browser and Node.js. Supported types are string, number, boolean, function, array, arraylike(array like object), object, anyobject, regexp, date, domnode.

strongly-typed - Strongly typed javascript objects, self-validating, detailed error reports

  •    Javascript

Strongly-typed JavaScript objects, self-validating, with detailed error reports. interface_definition is a plain object of the expected structure with fields containing strings to match typeof in the typed objects.

node-binstruct - Binary encoding/decoding for objects in NodeJS

  •    Javascript

This module helps you work with binary structures in Buffers. You first define the layout of your binary data and then use that definition to convert objects to/from their binary representation or you can wrap a buffer with an object where getters/setters for fields update and read the buffer in place. This module requires node 0.6 or better, as it uses the binary type read/write methods on Buffer introduced with node 0.6.

junion - Delivers struct types for Java programming language.

  •    Java

Delivers struct types to Java programming language. arr takes 14016 bytes The data consits of 500 points, 2 floats each, thus 4000 bytes should be enough. If Point was a struct, arr would take ~4000 bytes.

shapeshifter - 🐺 Generate relational schemas, PropTypes, Flow aliases, and TypeScript interfaces from JSON or GraphQL schematic files

  •    Javascript

Shapeshifter is a command line tool for generating ECMAScript (ES) compatible files that export PropTypes, Flow aliases, and TypeScript interfaces, as well as relation schema classes from JS, JSON or GraphQL schematic files. Schematics can represent database tables, API endpoints, data structures, resources, internal shapes, and more.

go-httpheader - A Go library for encoding structs into Header fields.

  •    Go

go-httpheader is a Go library for encoding structs into Header fields.

structure - Struct generator. Node.js

  •    Javascript

I'm no longer actively maintaining this project. If you are interested supporting it - ping me on twitter. The only thing that I will ask you is to not change the API drastically. If you are planning on doing that - better start a brand new project. If you want me to transfer you only the name on npm, I'd be happy to only if the project does not have any downloads on npm lately. In case it's being downloaded, there are people that depend on it and might step up and start maintaining, so I will not transfer it to you, regardless if you want to release a new major version etc.

retag - Change tags of structures' fields in runtime without copying of data in Go.

  •    Go

Please see examples in documentation for details. The package requires go1.7+.

swift-relationship-graph - A simple tool to create relationships graphs for Swift codebases

  •    CoffeeScript

This project is a small utility to create a relationship graph for protocols, classes and structs in a Swift codebase. Until this is published in NPM registry...

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