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  •    CSharp

This package gives you typed expression based routing and link generation in a ASP.NET Core MVC web application. Currently working with version 1.1.0. You can install this library using NuGet into your web project. There is no need to add any namespace usings since the package uses the default ones to add extension methods.

UmbMapper - :gemini: A fast, convention based, published content mapper for Umbraco

  •    CSharp

This repository contains a blazingly-fast, really simple to use, convention-based published content mapper for Umbraco.UmbMapper maps IPublishedContent instances from the Umbraco Published Content Cache to strongly typed classes. It does so in a very efficient manner with very little overhead.

detectorgraph - Strongly-typed, dependency based application framework for code/data separation with dependency injection and data passing

  •    C++

DetectorGraph is a framework for writing programs in a formal graph topology. This can be used to write applications with multiple interdependent algorithms, applications' data models, general business logic or all of that combined. The framework uses a formal distinction between data (Topics) and transformations/logic (Detectors). It natively provides dependency injection, strict type-safety and provides loose coupling between Detectors by formalizing the touch points as Topics. It forces an intuitive (albeit unusual) programming paradigm that results in highly readable, maintainable & testable code. This is not an officially supported Google product.