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  •    Javascript

Fes.js 是一个好用的前端应用解决方案。 以 Vue 3.0 和路由为基础,同时支持配置式路由和约定式路由,并以此进行功能扩展。配以覆盖编译时和运行时生命周期完善的插件体系,支持各种功能扩展和业务需求。以约定、配置化、组件化的设计思想,让用户仅仅关心用组件搭建页面内容。基于Vue.js,上手简单。经过多个项目中打磨,趋于稳定。

safe.js - Is your password safe?

  •    Javascript

Is your password safe?

lockbox-nodejs - Simple, strong encryption.

  •    CoffeeScript

Simple, strong encryption. Lockbox is the simplest possible way to implement strong, two-way, public-key encryption for use in applications. Lockbox uses a combination of well-established technologies to ensure the safety of data. For more information, see the Lockbox website.

koa-strong-params - Rails-style implementation of strong parameters for Koa

  •    Javascript

Rails-style implementation of strong parameters for Koa. The middleware adds the this.params object to the Koa context which returns an object, built from query string and request body data. The returned object has some useful methods allows for data requiring and filtering. You should consider using koa-qs and koa-bodyparser packages together with koa-strong-params.

implement.js - Strong type-checking for dependency injection and method arguments.

  •    Javascript

Strong type-checking for dependency injection and method arguments. Given the dynamic nature of Javascript, when decoupling our modules with some kind of dependency injection, or receiving arguments in a publicly exposed method, we often end up making either bold assumptions about what the object should do ("yeah, I've got a good feeling this object implements doThatCrazyThang(), let's just call it and see..."), or we litter our code with type checking mechanisms.

graphql-strong - Define your GraphQL schemas with confidence that your values are correct.

  •    TypeScript

One of the biggest reasons to use GraphQL is its static type system. This type system makes it easy for GraphQL clients to do interesting optimizations and allows for powerful developer tools. Including GraphQL API development tools. Strong GraphQL, or graphql-strong, is a library that leverages TypeScript types to give you the power of static type analysis when defining your GraphQL API in JavaScript. With the reference graphql-js implementation you can’t get the type safety GraphQL provides when building your API, but with Strong GraphQL you can.

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