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node-csv - Full featured CSV parser with simple api and tested against large datasets.

  •    Javascript

This project provides CSV generation, parsing, transformation and serialization for Node.js. It has been tested and used by a large community over the years and should be considered reliable. It provides every option you would expect from an advanced CSV parser and stringifier.

css - CSS parser / stringifier for Node.js

  •    CSS

CSS parser / stringifier. Accepts a CSS string and returns an AST object.

node-csv-stringify - CSV stringifier implementing the Node.js `stream.Transform` API

  •    CoffeeScript

Part of the CSV module, this project is a stringifier converting arrays or objects input into a CSV text. It implements the Node.js stream.Transform API. It also provides a simple callback-based API for convenience. It is both extremely easy to use and powerful. It was first released in 2010 and is used against big data sets by a large community. Documentation for the "csv-stringify" package is available here.

node-properties - .properties parser/stringifier.

  •    Javascript

This module implements the Java .properties specification and adds additional features like ini sections, variables (key referencing), namespaces, importing files and much more. INI sections can be enabled with the sections option. With them you can better organize your configuration data.