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.NET Data Structures for Substring Search, Auto-completion and Intelli-sense


The library provides .NET Data Structures for Prefix String Search and Substring (Infix) Search to Implement Auto-completion and Intelli-sense.

cello - A string library

  •    Nim

Cello is a library of succinct data structures, oriented in particular for string searching and other string operations. Usually, searching for patterns in a string takes O(n) time, where n is the length of the string. Indices can speedup the search, but take additional space, which can be costly for very large strings. A data structure is called succinct when it takes n + o(n) space, where n is the space needed to store the data anyway. Hence succinct data structures can provide additional operations with limited space overhead.

Stingray - IDAPython plugin for finding function strings recursively

  •    Python

Stingray is an IDAPython plugin for finding function strings. The search is from the current position onwards in the current function. It can do it recursively also with configurable search depth. The results order is the natural order of strings in the BFS search graph. For each found string it displays the xref address, the string address, the string type and the of course the string itself.

ahocorasick - Aho-corasick for javascript.

  •    Javascript

Implementation of the Aho-Corasick string searching algorithm, as described in the paper "Efficient string matching: an aid to bibliographic search". check test/basic.js for more examples.

TopSim - Efficiently search the most similar strings against the query in Python.

  •    Python

Search the most similar strings against the query in Python 3. State-of-the-art algorithm and data structure are adopted for best efficiency. For both flexibility and efficiency, only set-based similarities are included right now, including Jaccard and Tversky.

multi_string_replace - A fast multiple string replace library for ruby

  •    C

A fast multiple string replace library for ruby. Uses a C implementation of the Aho–Corasick Algorithm based on https://github.com/morenice/ahocorasick while adding support for a few performance enhancements and on the fly multiple string replacement. If Regex is not needed, this library offers significant performance advantages over String.gsub() for large string and with a large number of tokens.

ahocorasickphp - Aho-Corasick multi-keyword string searching library in PHP.

  •    PHP

This is a small library which implements the Aho-Corasick string search algorithm. It's coded in pure PHP and self-contained in a single file, ahocorasick.php.