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gulp-xo - Validate files with XO

  •    Javascript

Issues regarding rules should be reported on the ESLint issue tracker as it's the actual linter.This option instructs ESLint to try to fix as many issues as possible. The fixes are applied to the gulp stream. The fixed content can be saved to file using gulp.dest (See example/fix.js). Rules that are fixable can be found in ESLint's rules list.

core-assert - Node.js `assert` as a standalone module

  •    Javascript

Useful to ensure consistency between Node.js versions as the assert module has changed a lot.Lets you use the Node.js 4.0 assert.deepStrictEqual()/assert.notDeepStrictEqual() methods all the way back to Node.js 0.10.

deep-strict-equal - Test for deep equality - Node

  •    Javascript

Test for deep equality - Node.js `assert.deepStrictEqual()` algorithm as a standalone module

assert-diff - colored diff on command-line

  •    Javascript

Drop-in replacement for assert to give colored diff on command-line with deepEqual. This exists to give better diff on error when comparing objects or arrays with Mocha.

react-strict-prop-types - A higher order component that raises an error if component is used with an unknown property

  •    Javascript

A higher order component that raises an error if a component is used with an unknown property. A property is considered unknown when it is not defined in the component propTypes declaration. For an alternative that runs at the compilation time, read about the ESLint prop-types rule.

UTF8.js - A simple JavaScript library to manage UTF8 strings contained in ArrayBuffers

  •    Javascript

A simple JavaScript library to encode/decode UTF8 strings. Licensed under the MIT License.

use-strict-cli - Command to add or remove "use strict" from all JavaScript files within directory

  •    Javascript

This command line tool can be used to add or remove 'use strict'; from all JavaScript files within a directory. This tool is helpful if you find yourself wanting to adopt new ES6 language features that are only available if "use strict" statement is added to file. All *.js files found within given directories and their sub-directories will be scanned.

strict-import - Prevent `require` from searching upwards for required modules

  •    Javascript

The require() algorithm works by searching for a node_modules directory with your required module from the current directory and upwards until it reaches the system root directory. This means that if you have nested projects, and have a module called foo installed at the top-level, the sub-projects can also import foo without installing it. While useful in some cases, it can also cause problems.

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