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osmnx - OSMnx: Python for street networks

  •    Python

Retrieve, construct, analyze, and visualize street networks from OpenStreetMap: full overview. You can just as easily download and work with building footprints, elevation data, street bearings/orientations, and network routing.

dodgr - Distances on Directed Graphs in R

  •    C++

dodgr is an R package for efficient calculation of many-to-many pairwise distances on dual-weighted directed graphs, for aggregation of flows throughout networks, and for highly realistic routing through street networks (time-based routing considering incline, turn-angles, surface quality, everything). Four aspects. First, while other packages exist for calculating distances on directed graphs, notably igraph, even that otherwise fabulous package does not (readily) permit analysis of dual-weighted graphs. Dual-weighted graphs have two sets of weights for each edge, so routing can be evaluated with one set of weights, while distances can be calculated with the other. A canonical example is a street network, where weighted distances are assigned depending on mode of transport (for example, weighted distances for pedestrians on multi-lane vehicular roads are longer than equivalent distances along isolated walking paths), yet the desired output remains direct, unweighted distances. Accurate calculation of distances on street networks requires a dual-weighted representation. In R, dodgr is currently the only package that offers this functionality (without excessive data wrangling).

osmnet - Tools for the extraction of OpenStreetMap street network data

  •    Python

Tools for the extraction of OpenStreetMap (OSM) street network data. Intended to be used in tandem with Pandana and UrbanAccess libraries to extract street network nodes and edges. OSMnet offers tools to download street network data from OpenStreetMap and extract a graph network comprised of nodes and edges to be used in Pandana street network accessibility calculations.