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snappydata - SnappyData - The Spark Database. Stream, Transact, Analyze, Predict in one cluster

  •    Scala

Apache Spark is a general purpose parallel computational engine for analytics at scale. At its core, it has a batch design center and is capable of working with disparate data sources. While this provides rich unified access to data, this can also be quite inefficient and expensive. Analytic processing requires massive data sets to be repeatedly copied and data to be reformatted to suit Spark. In many cases, it ultimately fails to deliver the promise of interactive analytic performance. For instance, each time an aggregation is run on a large Cassandra table, it necessitates streaming the entire table into Spark to do the aggregation. Caching within Spark is immutable and results in stale insight. At SnappyData, we take a very different approach. SnappyData fuses a low latency, highly available in-memory transactional database (GemFireXD) into Spark with shared memory management and optimizations. Data in the highly available in-memory store is laid out using the same columnar format as Spark (Tungsten). All query engine operators are significantly more optimized through better vectorization and code generation. The net effect is, an order of magnitude performance improvement when compared to native Spark caching, and more than two orders of magnitude better Spark performance when working with external data sources.

tbox - 📦 A glib-like multi-platform c library

  •    C

TBOX is a glib-like cross-platform C library that is simple to use yet powerful in nature. The project focuses on making C development easier and provides many modules (.e.g stream, coroutine, regex, container, algorithm ...), so that any developer can quickly pick it up and enjoy the productivity boost when developing in C language.

advanced-php - 最近打算写一些php一些偏微妙的教程,比如关于多进程、socket等相关,都是自己的一些感悟心得



hls.js - JavaScript HLS client using Media Source Extension

  •    Javascript

hls.js is a JavaScript library which implements an HTTP Live Streaming client. It relies on HTML5 video and MediaSource Extensions for playback. hls.js does not need any player, it works directly on top of a standard HTML<video>element.

gollum - An n:m message multiplexer written in Go

  •    Go

Gollum is an n:m multiplexer that gathers messages from different sources and broadcasts them to a set of destinations.Gollum originally started as a tool to MUL-tiplex LOG-files (read it backwards to get the name). It quickly evolved to a one-way router for all kinds of messages, not limited to just logs. Gollum is written in Go to make it scalable and easy to extend without the need to use a scripting language.

AthenaX - SQL-based streaming analytics platform at scale

  •    Java

AthenaX is a streaming analytics platform that enables users to run production-quality, large scale streaming analytics using Structured Query Language (SQL). AthenaX was released and open sourced by Uber Technologies. It is capable of scaling across hundreds of machines and processing hundreds of billions of real-time events daily.Apache 2.0 License.

libjitsi - Advanced Java media library for secure real-time audio/video communication.

  •    Java

libjitsi is an advanced Java media library for secure real-time audio/video communication. It allows applications to capture, playback, stream, encode/decode and encrypt audio and video flows. It also allows for advanced features such as audio mixing, handling multiple streams, participation in audio and video conferences. Originally libjitsi was part of the Jitsi client source code but we decided to spin it off so that other projects can also use it. libjitsi is distributed under the terms of the Apache license.



Aqueduct is a framework for analyzing large data sets by composing small functional building blocks into complex pipeline graphs that are processed as streams.

rsocket-java - Java implementation of RSocket

  •    Java

RSocket is a binary protocol for use on byte stream transports such as TCP, WebSockets, and Aeron.Snapshots are available via JFrog.

hello-retail - “Hello, Retail!” is an open-source, mobile-first, 100% serverless functional proof-of-concept showcasing a complete event sourcing approach applied to the retail platform space

  •    Javascript

Hello, Retail! is a Nordstrom Technology open-source project. Hello, Retail! is a 100% serverless, event-driven framework and functional proof-of-concept showcasing a central unified log approach as applied to the retail problem space. All code and patterns are intended to be re-usable for scalable applications large and small. Check out https://github.com/Nordstrom/hello-retail-workshop for more explanation and a guided tour of how you might expand hello-retail with new functionality.

Paguro - Immutable Collections and Functional Transformations for the JVM

  •    Java

Immutable Clojure collections and a Transformation abstraction for Java 8+, immutably, type-safely, and with good performance. It provide support for RRB Tree, which is an immutable List (like Clojure's PersistentVector) that also supports random inserts, deletes, and can be split and joined back together in logarithmic time.

ixjava - Iterable Extensions for Java 6+

  •    Java

Iterable Extensions for Java, the dual of RxJava. Originally implemented in the Reactive4Java framework, now standalone; no dependencies on any reactive library.The aim is to provide, lazily evaluated, pull-based datastream support with the same naming as in RxJava mainly for the pre-Java-8 world. The Stream API in Java 8 is not exactly the same thing because Streams can be only consumed once while Iterables can be consumed many times. Google Guava features a lot of Iterable operators, plus now they have the FluentIterable with similar setup but far less operators available.

RxJava2Jdk8Interop - RxJava 2 interop library for supporting Java 8 features such as Optional, Stream and CompletableFuture

  •    Java

RxJava 2 interop library for supporting Java 8 features such as Optional, Stream and CompletableFuture.Note that java.util.stream.Stream can be consumed at most once and only synchronously.


  •    Javascript

This is a Stream that will strictly buffer when paused. Connect it to anything you need buffered.

streamplify - Java 8 combinatorics-related streams and other utilities

  •    Java

The goal of this library is to provide useful Java 8 streams and to assist you in building new streams that allow efficient parallel processing.The following code snippet uses a parallel permutation stream to find all solutions of the N-Queens problem for n = 10.

pipette - Stream and pipe utilities for Node

  •    Javascript

This Node module provides several utility classes that offer pipe and stream-related functionality. It particularly emphasizes providing a consistent event packaging and ordering for streams.All of the classes in this module provide a consistently ordered sequence of events, which is meant to be a sensible synthesis of the (somewhat inconsistent) Node specification for the various core stream classes.

node-line-input-stream - Convert a Node.JS Readable Stream into a Line Buffered Input Stream

  •    Javascript

Like Readable Stream with a line event. You can also attach listeners to any event specific to the underlying stream, ie, you can listen to the open event for streams created by fs.createReadStream() or the connect event for Net streams.

super-machine - Query Java object graphs in a typed and streamed fashion

  •    Java

Returns the name of employees and city name of the offices of non-Apple vendors that sells hardware article on this invoice.

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