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egeo - EGEO is the open-source UI library used to build Stratio's UI

  •    TypeScript

EGEO is the open-source component library used to build Stratio's UI. The goals are to reduce the time and complexity of interface building being more productive, improving the experience based in apply the same patterns and visuals across the whole Stratio applications being more consistent, and create a common and unified visual language that helps us to understand each other better laying the foundation for scalable growth. This repo includes the components, services, and utilities built in Angular. The library is compiled with AoT for distribution and each component is provided as a module that can be imported separately in your project.

egeo-theme - This is the official Egeo theme used by the Stratio's applications.

  •    CSS

Egeo Theme is a theme to work with Egeo, the Stratio's componente library to build interfaces. You can use Npm or Yarn to work with egeo-theme. If you want to use Yarn, it has to be installed first as a global dependency in your local machine.

egeo-ui-base - Egeo UI Base is a library with Sass utils used by the Stratio front-end team to build its interfaces

  •    CSS

Egeo UI Base is a framework of Sass utilities to be used in an Egeo-based project. It is part of the Egeo project. However, it has no problems to be used in any other project. The framework includes a series of APIs to obtain the colors, typography parameters, a grid based in the flexboxgrid fully rewritten in Sass and much more every application should have. This library is designed thought in Stratio's needs but any developer could fork it or use it for its own needs or, better, suggest new features to be implemented in the future.