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multiline - Multiline strings in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Use ES2015 template literals instead whenever possible.It works by wrapping the text in a block comment, anonymous function, and a function call. The anonymous function is passed into the function call and the contents of the comment extracted.

strman - 🏗A Javascript string manipulation library.

  •    Javascript

A Javascript string manipulation library. Want to contribute? Follow these recommendations.

unique-string - Generate a unique random string

  •    Javascript

Returns a 32 character unique string. Matches the length of MD5, which is unique enough for non-crypto purposes.

repeating - Repeat a string - fast

  •    Javascript

Times the string should be repeated.String to repeat.

replace-string - Replace all substring matches in a string

  •    Javascript

Similar to String#replace(), but supports replacing multiple matches. You could achieve something similar by putting the string in a RegExp constructor with the global flag and passing it to String#replace(), but you would then have to first escape the string anyways.Returns a new string with all needle matches replaced with replacement.

split-at - Split a string at one or more indices

  •    Javascript

String to be split.One or more indices. A negative index is a 1-based position from the end of the string. For example, -1 is the index of the last place in the string. Duplicate indices are removed from the index array. A negative index and positive index that refer to the same position in the string are treated as duplicates.

split-lines - Split lines into an array of lines

  •    Javascript

String to split.Preserve the line separator at the end of every line, except the last line, which will never contain one.

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