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Natalie - Natalie - Storyboard Code Generator (for Swift)

  •    Swift

Current codebase is Swift 4 compatible. Natalie generates Swift code based on storyboard files to make work with Storyboards and segues easier. Generated file reduce usage of Strings as identifiers for Segues or Storyboards.

SideMenu - Simple side menu control for iOS, no code necessary! Lots of customization

  •    Swift

Hi, I'm Jon Kent and I am an iOS designer, developer, and mobile strategist. I love coffee and play the drums. SideMenu is a simple and versatile side menu control written in Swift.

Stevia - :leaves: Healthy Autolayout Sugar

  •    Swift

In the project folder, you can find an example of a typical login view laid out in both native and Stevia for you to understand and compare the two approaches.

CHIPageControl - A set of cool animated page controls written in Swift to replace boring UIPageControl

  •    Swift

CHIPageControl is a set of cool animated page controls to replace boring UIPageControl. We were inspired by Jardson Almeida dribbble shot and implemented a few more page controls. Made with ❤️ by Chili.

Cards - Awesome iOS 11 appstore cards in swift 4.

  •    Swift

Cards brings to Xcode the card views seen in the new iOS XI Appstore. If you encounter any problems or have any trouble using Cards, feel free to open an issue. I'll answer you as soon as I see it.

BartyCrouch - Localization/I18n: Incrementally update your Strings files from

  •    Swift

BartyCrouch incrementally updates your Strings files from your Code and from Interface Builder files. "Incrementally" means that BartyCrouch will by default keep both your already translated values and even your altered comments. Additionally you can also use BartyCrouch for machine translating from one language to 40+ other languages. Using BartyCrouch is as easy as running a few simple commands from the command line what can even be automated using a build script within your project. Bartycrouch now is part of Homebrew Core! No tap needed any more.

KYDrawerController - Side Drawer Navigation Controller similar to Android

  •    Swift

KYDrawerController is a side drawer navigation container view controller similar to Android. Just add the Classes folder to your project.

PMSuperButton - 🔥 PMSuperButton is a powerful UIButton coming from the countryside, but with super powers! 😎

  •    Swift

The library allows you to use all the features of standard UIButton with a lot of new cool features, customizable from Storyboard or from code. That's it! Now you are ready to customize your PMSuperButton from the Attributes Inspector of Interface Builder.

UITextField-Navigation - UITextField-Navigation makes it easier to navigate between UITextFields and UITextViews

  •    Swift

UITextField-Navigation adds next, previous and done buttons to the keyboard for your UITextFields and UITextViews. It allows you to specify a next field either on the Interface Builder or programmatically. Then, you can access next and previous fields of each UITextField or UITextView easily. The UI is highly customizable. RTL languages are supported.

XNA Storyboard

  •    CSharp

XNA Storyboard provides a Storyboard system for XNA similar to Silverlight's, using DependencyObjects and DependencyProperties developed in C#. The purpose of this project is to provide an easy to use, yet robust mechanism for animating virtually any kind of value over time.

GhostTypewriter - A UILabel subclass that adds a ghost type writing animation effect.

  •    Swift

A UILabel subclass that adds a type writing animation effect. The interesting thing about this pod is that the characters will not jump around as they are animated onto the screen instead the characters will be animated onto the screen in their final position - this is especially important for multiple line text as the jump can be very visually displeasing. This pod was inspired by the following post here.

AirPlayStoryboards - Simple demonstration of using Storyboards with external (airplay) displays for iPhone/iPad

  •    Objective-C

Demonstration of using external displays (Airplay, etc.) with storyboards. Every screen has a window, and every window has a root view controller. When a storyboard is loaded, any view controller that is set to be the initial view controller will become the root view controller for the main (device) screen. All other screens are not managed directly by the storyboard.

Storyline.js - Storyline - generic sequencer for JavaScript projects

  •    Javascript

Storyline.js is a library to help define a storyboard using natural language. This is the refined and polished version of the sytem created for BEYOND and cru·ci·form.

storyboard-webclient - OpenStack Task Tracking Browser Client

  •    Javascript

A WebClient for the OpenStack StoryBoard project. The following are commands that may be used during project development.

SwinjectStoryboard - Swinject extension for automatic dependency injection via Storyboard

  •    Swift

SwinjectStoryboard is an extension of Swinject to automatically inject dependency to view controllers instantiated by a storyboard. Swinject is available through Carthage or CocoaPods.

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