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Clairvoyant - Software designed to identify and monitor social/historical cues for short term stock movement

  •    Python

Using stock historical data, train a supervised learning algorithm with any combination of financial indicators. Rapidly backtest your model for accuracy and simulate investment portfolio performance.During the testing period, the model signals to buy or sell based on its prediction for price movement the following day. By putting your trading algorithm aside and testing for signal accuracy alone, you can rapidly build and test more reliable models.

Robinhood - Unofficial Documentation of Robinhood Trade's Private API


Robinhood is a commission-free, online securities brokerage. As you would expect, being an online service means everything is handled through a request that is made to a specific URL. Before I go too far, I must say that this is a big, messy work in progress. I'll continue to update this as I figure more out. Sections marked TODO are in my head but I haven't found the time to describe them yet. Work in progress and all.


  •    ASPNET

This project aggregates content from social media and a variety of web based sources, relating to stock-markets. The design is module based, and provides a good basis for other portal aggregation projects. It is a great platform for amateur investors / traders to use within th...

TechAn - Technical Analysis Library for Golang

  •    Go

TechAn is a technical analysis library for Go! It provides a suite of tools and frameworks to analyze financial data and make trading decisions. Techan is heavily influenced by the great ta4j. It provides Basic and advanced technical analysis indicators, Profit and trade analysis and Strategy building.

qtrn - A cli tool to streamline financial markets data analysis

  •    Go

The official cli tool for making financial markets analysis as fast as you are.If your $GOPATH is configured, and git is setup to know your credentials, in a few moments the command should complete with no output. The repository will exist under $GOPATH/src/github.com/FlashBoys.

nseindia_lob - National Stock Exchange of India Limit Order Book Simulation

  •    Python

This package implements a limit order book that simulates the processing of limit/market orders on India's National Stock Exchange. A sample data file (EXAMPLE-orders.csv) is included. A script for launching the code on a Sun Grid Engine cluster is also included; the script requires the drmaa-python package. To use the script, replace the listed security names accordingly.

StockListener - iOS股票软件 (声音提示,k线,筹码集中度,画线)

  •    Objective-C

iOS股票软件 (声音提示,k线,筹码集中度,画线)

foobugs-dashboard - various dashing dashboard jobs

  •    Javascript

This is a customized dashing dashboard for foobugs containing a set of new widget jobs that also can be used in a fresh dashing setup. All of the widgets use public APIs or regexps on scraped website content. So no need fo complicated OAuth Authentification. In most cases a user id or username is the only thing you need to get the data.

financial-asset-comparison-tool - R Shiny app to compare the historical performance of crypto-assets and equities

  •    R

Welcome! The Financial Asset Comparison Tool is an R Shiny App that facilitates the comparison of a myriad of assets--both traditional and crypto--across time. The idea for this tool came to me when I was trading crypto-currencies actively, and spending a decent amount of time in investor telegram chats and forums. A common argument I would see was over what asset one should have invested in a short while ago, but it was clear that most such discussions were fueled by emotion--primarily "FOMO"--as opposed to testable metrics. This isn't just a popular type of discussion in the crypto investing space; in fact, it may be even more common in traditional finance. I wanted to create a tool that would be able to settle all such asset performance comparison questions, regardless of whether the question was about traditional assets such as equities, crypto-assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, or some combination of both. The tools made available via this app allow for analysis of varying degrees of complexity, as can be seen in the visualization below. This scaling of metric complexity is also intuitively integrated into the UI design of the app itself, as illustrated by the screenshot below.

BigBoard - An Elegant Financial Markets Library Written in Swift

  •    Swift

As of May 20th, 2017, it appears that Yahoo is dropping support for a few features that BigBoard supports or there is an outage on their end causing a few features to receive a 502 Timeout response code each time a request is made. I'll be checking frequently to see if something changes. Until then, unforunately, there isn't anything I can do to fix these problems. BigBoard is an elegant financial markets library for iOS written in Swift. Under the hood, BigBoard makes requests to Yahoo Finance API's. Those requests are then processed and clean, friendly, and easy to use objects are returned. The goal of BigBoard is to take the learning curve out of the Yahoo Finance API's and centralize all finanical market data into one core library.

finance-go - :bar_chart: Financial markets data library implemented in go.

  •    Go

This go package aims to provide a go application with access to current and historical financial markets data in streamlined, well-formatted structures. A neatly formatted detailed list of implementation instructions and examples will be available on the piquette website.

qtrn - A cli tool to streamline financial markets data analysis :wrench:

  •    Go

The official cli tool for making financial markets analysis as fast as you are. Pronounced "quote-tron" as a throwback to those awesome financial terminals of the 80's. This project is intended as a living example of the capabilities of the finance-go library.

kiteHistory - 🤑 Kite History API wrapper

  •    Python

Kite API requires instrument-token to fetch the historical data. The idea behind this wrapper is to fetch the instruments master file and query it for the required symbol to fetch instrument token. Once the token is fetched, it uses Kite's API to get the historical data and saves the output in a .csv ready for analysis etc. Feel free to report any issues and/or send PRs for additional features.

stockprice - A CLI tool that looks up stock prices; vim integration!

  •    Go

Or manually download an executable for your OS: OSX, Linux, Windows and place it in a directory listed in $PATH. As amazing as it sounds, you may now check the stock price of your interest right in your code editor.