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pandas-datareader - Extract data from a wide range of Internet sources into a pandas DataFrame.

  •    HTML

Up to date remote data access for pandas, works for multiple versions of pandas. As of v0.6.0 Yahoo!, Google Options, Google Quotes and EDGAR have been immediately deprecated due to large changes in their API and no stable replacement.

Robinhood - Unofficial Documentation of Robinhood Trade's Private API


Robinhood is a commission-free, online securities brokerage. As you would expect, being an online service means everything is handled through a request that is made to a specific URL. Before I go too far, I must say that this is a big, messy work in progress. I'll continue to update this as I figure more out. Sections marked TODO are in my head but I haven't found the time to describe them yet. Work in progress and all.

Personae - 📈 Personae is a repo of implements and environment of Deep Reinforcement Learning & Supervised Learning for Quantitative Trading

  •    Python

Personae is a repo that implements papers proposed methods in Deep Reinforcement Learning & Supervised Learning and applies them to Financial Market. It will start from 2018-08-24 to 2018-09-01 a timestamp that I successfully found a job.

iexfinance - Python SDK for IEX Cloud

  •    Python

Python SDK for IEX Cloud. Architecture mirrors that of the IEX Cloud API (and its documentation). Stable documentation is hosted on github.io.

qtrn - A cli tool to streamline financial markets data analysis

  •    Go

The official cli tool for making financial markets analysis as fast as you are.If your $GOPATH is configured, and git is setup to know your credentials, in a few moments the command should complete with no output. The repository will exist under $GOPATH/src/github.com/FlashBoys.

alphavantage4j - A Java wrapper to get stock data and stock indicators from the Alpha Vantage API

  •    Java

A Java wrapper to get stock data and stock indicators from the Alpha Vantage API. Alpha Vantage delivers a free API for real time financial data and most used finance indicators. This library implements a wrapper to the free API provided by Alpha Vantage (http://www.alphavantage.co/). It requires an api key, that can be requested on http://www.alphavantage.co/support/#api-key. You can have a look at all the api calls available in their documentation http://www.alphavantage.co/documentation.

python-eodhistoricaldata - Download data from EOD historical data https://eodhistoricaldata

  •    Python

but if you want to avoid too much data consumption, you can use a cache mechanism. See tests directory for example of other API endpoints.

magento2-warehouses - Module to separate the stock on different store views based on warehouses.

  •    PHP

Because the Magento community is currently https://github.com/magento-engcom/magento2/wiki/Technical-Vision.-Catalog-Inventory we nare not longer maintaining this module. Module can be used to separate the stock on different store views based on warehouses with grid for fast stock status editing.

finance-go - :bar_chart: Financial markets data library implemented in go.

  •    Go

This go package aims to provide a go application with access to current and historical financial markets data in streamlined, well-formatted structures. A neatly formatted detailed list of implementation instructions and examples will be available on the piquette website.

iterators - Share Market Prediction App using Markov Chains Model

  •    PHP

We have selected one year’s worth data for five different stocks and have applied Markov chain calculations on this data in order to make the predictions. The first step towards applying Markov chains to the data set began with the calculation of moving averages.

alpha-vantage-cli - Command line tool and API for retrieving stock market data from Alpha Vantage

  •    TypeScript

This is a command line tool and small Node.js API for retreiving data from Alpha Vantage. You can use this from the command line to download stock data from Alpha Vantage to a CSV file.

iexcloud - Go library for accessing the IEX Cloud API

  •    Go

Go library for accessing the IEX Cloud API. iexcloud provides a Go interface to the IEX Cloud API. To access the IEX Cloud API an account and token are required. The goal is for iexcloud to be compatible with the v1 version of the IEX Cloud API. There were some changes from the beta version to v1 of the API, so things may still be a in flux for this library.

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