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waveform-playlist - Multitrack Web Audio editor and player with canvas waveform preview

  •    Javascript

Inspired by Audacity, this project is a multiple track playlist editor written in ES2015 using the Web Audio API. Load tracks and set cues (track cue in, cue out), fades (track fade in, fade out) and track start/end times within the playlist. I've written up some demos on github for the different audio fade types in the project.



Stemmers pack for .Net Framework

aksh - My personal bibliography of STEM resources and grey literature.


My personal reference bibliography of STEM resources, books, technical notes, (un)conference/ workshop jottings, scientific research papers and grey literature, and random errata that makes an interesting read. Since this is a personal dumpspace for bookmarks, expect a perpetual state of randomly ordered chaos.

diversity-index - A curated Diversity-Index of grants, scholarships and FA that encourages diversity in STEM fields aimed at half the world's population, Women!


Women are half the world's population and despite the uproar over the lack of diversity in the Computer Science field, they hardly get any financial support for higher studies or opportunities to attend conferences. There are attempts to bridge this gap with grants in highly developed nations, especially in North America, Europe and other first-world countries. There are hardly any avenues for helping women from low- and middle-income countries living in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) as defined by the United Nations (UN). This repo is an attempt to measure the international diversity index when we talk of diversity and women - words that should encompass women from all over the world, but a disparity of unequal proportions is created when diversity grants and financial aid opportunities are restricted to women who are citizens of the first-world developed countries that have a higher earning parity based on their gross national income (GNI). Altruism to women who already enjoy facilities and privileges that women living in a third world country dont have access to, nor dream of, creates a dichotomy of unequals and this invisible inequality is deliberately ignored and never quantified by women-in-tech groups and the situation is worse in FOSS.

TorIpChanger - Python powered way to get a unique Tor IP: https://pypi.org/project/toripchanger/

  •    Python

An important thing to note is that a new circuit does not necessarily mean a new IP address. Paths are randomly selected based on heuristics like speed and stability. There are only so many large exits in the Tor network, so it's not uncommon to reuse an exit you have had previously.

ptstem - Stemming Algorithms for the Portuguese Language

  •    R

This packages wraps 3 stemming algorithms for the portuguese language available in R. It unifies the API for the stemmers and provides easy stemming completion. This will use the rslp algorithm to stem the text.

torgo - A Golang library for Tor.

  •    Go

This is a Go library for interacting with Tor over the standard controller interface. It simplifies tasks like creating ephemeral hidden services, working with private keys, and making SOCKS proxied client requests on the Tor network.

Turkish.cs - Turkish Suffix Library for C# & .NET- Türkçe Çekim ve Yapım Ekleri

  •    CSharp

Turkish Suffix Library for C# & .NET- Türkçe Çekim ve Yapım Ekleri

Turkish.js - Turkish Suffix Library for Javascript - Türkçe Çekim ve Yapım Ekleri

  •    Javascript

Turkish Suffix Library for Javascript - Türkçe Çekim ve Yapım Ekleri

Turkish.php - Turkish Suffix Library for PHP - Türkçe Çekim ve Yapım Ekleri

  •    PHP

Turkish Suffix Library for PHP - Türkçe Çekim ve Yapım Ekleri

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