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gdx-ai - Artificial Intelligence framework for games based on libGDX or not

  •    Java

An artificial intelligence framework, entirely written in Java, for game development with libGDX.The gdxAI project is a libGDX extension living under the libGDX umbrella. However it does not force you to use that specific framework if you do not wish to do so. The libGDX jar remains an essential requirement, mostly due to the use of libGDX collections which are optimized for mobile platforms by limiting garbage creation and supporting primitive types directly, so avoiding boxing and unboxing.

godot-2d-space-game - A 2D space exploration and mining game made with Godot and our AI framework

  •    GDScript

Harvester is a Free and Open-Source top-down space mining game made with the Godot game engine. Control your spaceship in forays into an asteroid belt, gather iron, and bring it back to base. Spend them on upgrading your ship's speed and maneuverability and cargo space. But beware, as you are not alone out here. Pirate miners are out there and want to monopolize the business.

godot-steering-ai-framework - A complete framework for Godot to create beautiful and complex AI motion

  •    GDScript

This project is a framework to code complex and smooth AI movement in the Godot game engine, in GDScript, using steering behaviors. It works in both 2D and 3D games. ➡ Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for free game creation tutorials, tips, and news! Get one of our Godot game creation courses to support our work on Free Software.

as3SteeringBehavior - :sailboat: Steering behavior example at <<AdvanceEDActionScriptAnimation>> with abstracted interfaces and marshaling implementation

  •    ActionScript

Steering behavior example at <<AdvanceEDActionScriptAnimation>> with abstracted interfaces and marshaling implementation.

evoli - An ecosystem-simulation game made with Amethyst

  •    Rust

⚠️ Note: Evoli is no longer actively maintained. For a more up to date example game see one of the more recently updated showcase games. A micro-ecosystem simulation game, progressively designed and developed as an official showcase project for the Amethyst engine. The current iteration of the game (v0.2 and onwards) simulates a few different species occupying the same, limited space.

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