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Steem - The blockchain for Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) and decentralized applications.

  •    C++

Steem is a Delegated Proof of Stake blockchain that uses a "Proof of Brain" social consensus algorithm for token allocation. It is a blockchain-based rewards platform for publishers to monetize content and grow community.

Steemit (Condenser) - The social application web front-end to the Steem Blockchain.

  •    Javascript

Condenser is the react.js web interface to the world's first and best blockchain-based social media platform, steemit.com. It uses STEEM, a blockchain powered by Graphene 2.0 technology to store JSON-based content for a plethora of web applications.

devportal - Steem Platform Developer Documentation.

  •    CSS

Steemit is the social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content.The developer portal will also serve as a toolbox for steem clients, libraries, and language wrappers.

steem-js - Steem.js the official JavaScript library for Steem blockchain

  •    Javascript

Please have a look at the webpack usage example.Patches are welcome! Contributors are listed in the package.json file. Please run the tests before opening a pull request and make sure that you are passing all of them. If you would like to contribute, but don't know what to work on, check the issues list or on Steemit Chat channel #steemjs https://steemit.chat/channel/steemjs.

steem-python - Official Python Library for STEEM

  •    Python

steem-python is the official STEEM library for Python. It comes with a BIP38 encrypted wallet and a practical CLI utility called steempy.This library is under active development. Use at own discretion.

vessel - Desktop wallet for the Steem blockchain

  •    Javascript

Vessel is a lite wallet for the Steem blockchain that you can run on your desktop computer without needing to run the blockchain itself. This is experimental and messy software at the moment, please use with caution.

dsteem - Steem blockchain RPC client

  •    TypeScript

Robust steem blockchain client library that runs in both node.js and the browser. note As of version 0.7.0 WebSocket support has been removed. The only transport provided now is HTTP(2). For most users the only change required is to swap wss:// to https:// in the address. If you run your own full node make sure to set the proper CORS headers if you plan to access it from a browser.

steem-python - A Python library/toolkit for the Steem blockchain

  •    Python

steem-python is a fork of the legendary Piston library by @xeroc. It features a refactored codebase, JSON-RPC support, new types and transactions, full API coverage, and a handful of new features.

conveyor - Conveyor - Steemit APIs

  •    TypeScript

Feature flags allows our apps (condenser mainly) to hide certain features behind flags. Flags can be set individually for users or probabilistically to roll out a feature incrementally, for example set_flag_probability orange_theme 0.5 will enable the flag for ~50% of our users. Changing the flag probability does not re-randomize the user selection so that a user that had their flag enabled at 0.5 will still have it enabled when going to 0.75. This is achieved by seeding a PRNG with the shasum of username+flag.

steempages - Create your own Steemit blog with Github Pages, Travis CI

  •    Javascript

Stemmpages helps you to create your own Github Pages Blog with your Steemit posts. Steempages uses the build feature of Travis CI to synchronize your Steemit posts to Github Pages repo.