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Steemit (Condenser) - The social application web front-end to the Steem Blockchain.

  •    Javascript

Condenser is the react.js web interface to the world's first and best blockchain-based social media platform, steemit.com. It uses STEEM, a blockchain powered by Graphene 2.0 technology to store JSON-based content for a plethora of web applications.

steem-python - Official Python Library for STEEM

  •    Python

steem-python is the official STEEM library for Python. It comes with a BIP38 encrypted wallet and a practical CLI utility called steempy.This library is under active development. Use at own discretion.

steemdb - open source blockchain explorer for the STEEM blockchain

  •    Volt

This explorer syncronizes the entire blockchain into a mongodb database. This takes a LOT of time. I'd highly recommend you run a local instance of steemd and modify the docker-compose.yml to point to it. It's going to be a lot faster of a sync than trying to read the entire blockchain from a public node. docker-compose up should be all you need to get the development application running.

vessel - Desktop wallet for the Steem blockchain

  •    Javascript

Vessel is a lite wallet for the Steem blockchain that you can run on your desktop computer without needing to run the blockchain itself. This is experimental and messy software at the moment, please use with caution.

pcsg-steem-blockchain-parser - This application parses the Steem Blockchain into a SQL Database.

  •    PHP

The STEEM to Database will parse the STEEM Blockchain and insert the data into a Database. It is possible to parse either a single block, a range of blocks or run a continuous loop to parse all available blocks. Step 2 Docker container We provide a docker container for ease of use. Change the environment variables and run the following command to get the container up and running.

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