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Chart Inspector

This small application will help you pull out the site usage activity or other charts from any SharePoint Server and put it anywhere in your homepage. This will also provide the flexibility for governance site statistic without purchasing others 3rd product.

SPSS .NET interop library

A .NET library for read/writing SPSS Data (.sav) files. This wraps the functionality exposed by the spssio32.dll native library that comes with SPSS.

Protogamez WGM

Protogamez WGM, is a game manager for Windows. It is coded in C#, .NET Framework 4.5, using WPF interface and Access DB.

CrossBow Web Stress Tester

This is a c# console application that can fire http GET or POST requests (with variables) to a web site. It is multithreaded and uses asynch WebRequests. The GET and POST variables can come from a text file to simulate differing requests as well as from the app.config. T...