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metalsmith - An extremely simple, pluggable static site generator.

  •    Javascript

An extremely simple, pluggable static site generator. In Metalsmith, all of the logic is handled by plugins. You simply chain them together. Here's what the simplest blog looks like...

nextein - A static site generator with markdown + react for Next.js

  •    Javascript

nextein is a wrapper around next.js that allows you to write static sites using markdown and react. NodeJS v8.x+ is required to run nextein commands.

JBake - Jekyll of the JVM

  •    Java

JBake is a Java based, open source, static site/blog generator for developers & designers.

nuxtent-module - Seamlessly use content files in your Nuxt.js sites.

  •    Javascript

Seamlessly use content files in your Nuxt.js sites. I unfortunately don't use this module anymore (interests changed), so I'm hoping that people that do use it can step up as maintainers / contributors. Please join Nuxtent's slack channel and DM me if interested.

flim - Lightweight, static page generator

  •    Javascript

Flim is a lightweight static page generator for bloggers. The examples directory should give you a feel for this.

haiku - Another static site generator.

  •    Javascript

Haiku compiles Markdown, Mustache, and any of your other assets to a static site via a CLI or a Node.js code API. This project is very much still a WIP. If you want to contribute hit me up on github or irc. Create an instance of haiku using the src path or an options object, if the options or src are omitted the defaults described below are applied.

blode - A simple static site/blog generator like jekyll (made in node.js)

  •    Javascript

port (number): the default server port (--server). url (string): the site's url.

grunt-assemble - Static site generator for Grunt

  •    HTML

Static site generator for Grunt.js, Yeoman and Node.js. Used by Zurb Foundation, Zurb Ink, H5BP/Effeckt, Less.js / lesscss.org, Topcoat, Web Experience Toolkit, and hundreds of other projects to build sites, themes, components, documentation, blogs and gh-pages. Versions of grunt-assemble below 0.2.0 have been deprecated and can be found on the 0.1.15-deprecated branch. Versions of grunt-assemble at and above 0.2.0 contain the code from the original assemble up to version 0.4.42.

monopati - a minimalistic static content generator

  •    Python

A minimalistic static content generator. You can read the relevant post on why. Monopati is inspired by other great minimalistic content generators, like bucket3 and habu.

templates - System for creating and managing view collections, rendering, engines, routes and more

  •    Javascript

System for creating and managing template collections, and rendering templates with any node.js template engine. Can be used as the basis for creating a static site generator or blog framework. This section describes API features that are shared by all Templates classes.

this-blog - A simple node.js blog engine for programmers that like markdown

  •    Javascript

"This Blog" is a blogging engine made for people that like markdown and the command line. It's a single-user, no database application written in node.js. Note: Since This Blog depends on connect >= 2.0.0 and that version still isn't published to NPM, the npm install will fail. Please checkout this git repository, cd into it and use npm to manually install the dependencies. You can checkout connect 2.0.0alpha elswhere and then link it into the node_modules directory.

jekyde - Static blog generater, server and writer

  •    Javascript

A static blog generator, server and writer in Node.JS. We will generate a simple blog inside it for you.

enfield - [Not Maintained!] Jekyll-like static site generator for node.js

  •    CoffeeScript

I do not have time to work on this project these days, but the code lives on if others wish to use it. If you're interested in taking over, fix something via Pull Request and I'm happy to hand things over to you if you're interested. Jekyll-like static site generator for node.js that aims to be as compatible as possible with Jekyll.

Canopy - A git-blogging unikernel written using MirageOS

  •    OCaml

Canopy is an attempt at writting a blog-engine based on Git using MirageOS. The goal is to provide a simple blog platform that only requires you to provide a Git remote URL and respecting some architecture rules within the said repository.

makefly - [ABANDONNED] Makefly is a fast and lightweight command line alternative to Nanoblogger static weblog engine

  •    Lua

WARNING: After having discovered Hugo static site generator, and compared it to Makefly, I decided to close Makefly project with its last version: 0.4.1. You can find a script to migrate from Makefly to Hugo on Github.

wainwright - A tool for building static sites with gulp.

  •    Javascript

A tool for building static sites with gulp. Inspired by wintersmith. This module's API is stabilizing but may change.