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django-webpack-loader - Transparently use webpack with django

  •    Python

Read http://owaislone.org/blog/webpack-plus-reactjs-and-django/ for a detailed step by step guide on setting up webpack with django using this library. Use webpack to generate your static bundles without django's staticfiles or opaque wrappers.

monopati - a minimalistic static content generator

  •    Python

A minimalistic static content generator. You can read the relevant post on why. Monopati is inspired by other great minimalistic content generators, like bucket3 and habu.

django-freeze - django-freeze is a static site generator made to fill some gaps of the unmaintained django-medusa

  •    Python

django-freeze generates the static version of your django site. All these settings are optional, if not defined in settings.py the default values (listed below) will be used.