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generator-jekyllrb - Supercharge Jekyll development with Yeoman. Yo, Jekyllrb!

  •    Javascript

Generator-jekyllrb wraps the Jekyll static site generator in a Yeoman development workflow. Scaffold your site with Yo, manage front end packages with Bower, and automate development and build tasks with Grunt. Generator-jekyllrb is ideal for developing performant static sites and prototyping dynamic sites and apps (especially if the final version uses Yeoman too). It's also a great introduction to Yeoman if you're not familiar with JavaScript MV* frameworks.

nextein - A static site generator with markdown + react for Next.js

  •    Javascript

nextein is a wrapper around next.js that allows you to write static sites using markdown and react. NodeJS v8.x+ is required to run nextein commands.

st - A node module for serving static files. Does etags, caching, etc.

  •    Javascript

A module for serving static files. Does etags, caching, etc.Here are some very simple usage examples.

staticsitegenerators-list - A comprehensive, partially automatically generated comparison of static site generators

  •    Javascript

Currently, this listing is only for projects that relate to Flat File Content Management Systems and/or Static Site Generators, but not for projects which relate only to Dynamic Servers (such as WordPress and Ghost).Entries are stored within the list.json file.

express-combo - Combo handler for express applications.

  •    Javascript

Combo handler for express applications.It protects any other file within the those folders. It also provides a nice abstraction where filenames and paths in the filesystem are not longer relevant when it comes to serve them, and the mapping has to be explicit.

kendo-lint - A static analysis (linting) tool that checks your usage of Kendo UI objects

  •    Javascript

Kendo UI Labs projects are experimental and largely built and supported by the community. As such Telerik does not provide official support for any of the Kendo UI Labs projects via Telerik support agreements. We do encourage you to open an issue or visit Stack Overflow.kendo-lint has not been tested against any other versions of these libraries. You may find that versions other than these are compatible with kendo-lint, but we make no claims to support those version, nor can we troubleshoot issues that arise when using those versions.

tojson-loader - WebPack Loader. Generate JSON assets at build-time.

  •    Javascript

If every client needs access to a shared chunk of data, and that data can be known at build time, a simple option is to bake that data into clientside build with tojson-loader.Particularly useful for loading configuration and/or mock data into the client.

sitemap-static - Make a sitemap for a static website based on files on disk

  •    Javascript

Use in the root directory of the files on the site. This will only add files with .html extensions to the sitemap.

rework-assets - Copy all assets referenced in CSS to a folder, updating the URLs

  •    Javascript

Copy all assets referenced by the CSS document to a folder, updating the CSS references. The path to each asset source is determined by the src directory and the position.source property of each node that is set when parsing with css-parse if position tracking is enabled (this is the same information used for generating source maps). This means that even if the source document is parsed from several files (for example when using rework-npm), it will still resolve the referenced asset using the source file path.

node-http-proxy-selective - node http proxy also serves static files

  •    Javascript

When you want to replace some remote files ( html, css, javascript, etc... ) with your local files. You can use node-http-proxy-selective as proxy server of your browser. You can try your updated files without deploying to the producting environment. It is also useful when you want to test your files but you do not have the permission to upload them to the servers. Then you can use this server as proxy of your browser to replace some files on remote server with local files. With this example setting, your browser get ./mystyles/css/[filename] instead of http://yahoo.co.jp/style/[filename].

pkgmirror - Packages Mirroring

  •    HTML

Please note, if you only need to proxy packagist, please consider Toran Proxy as a strong alternative.

markdown-styles-lambda - Automatic static site generation on `git push` using AWS Lambda and markdown-styles using a Gulp-style API

  •    Javascript

Automatic static site generation on git push using AWS Lambda and markdown-styles using a Gulp-style API. Once you've set up this pipeline, you can connect it to multiple Github repos! The same markdown-styles-lambda can process events from multiple Github repos - you can configure the layouts and target buckets to use for each repo separately.

turtle.io - Web server with virtual hosts for node.js

  •    Javascript

turtle.io is very easy to get up and running! All you need to do is install it, and tell it what directory holds your web sites, & which hostnames to answer for. You can also create complex web applications, with a familiar API.

susi - Simplest. Static page generator. Ever.

  •    Javascript

This is the Su​per Si​mple Si​te generator. You give it markdown files and (if you fancy) an HTML layout to render them into - and it gives you static HTML.

blode - A simple static site/blog generator like jekyll (made in node.js)

  •    Javascript

port (number): the default server port (--server). url (string): the site's url.

elm-sketch-importer - Generate Elm code from Sketch files!

  •    Elm

Takes a Sketch file, and generates Elm out of it. This is particularly useful if you want to quickly export some part of a design into Elm. Installing the elm-sketch-importer itself is pretty easy.

elm-static-html - Statically render html from Elm!

  •    Javascript

Turn an Elm app into a static HTML site. elm-static-html -f Main.elm will print the output to stdout by default You can create an initial config file through elm-static-html --init-config, though it's not needed to work.


  •    TypeScript

Generate static html by passing an optional json object to your Elm views. Library version of elm-static-html.