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react-redux-typescript-guide - The complete guide to static typing in "React & Redux" apps using TypeScript

  •    TypeScript

You should check out Playground Project located in the /playground folder. It is a source of all the code examples found in the guide. They are all tested with the most recent version of TypeScript and 3rd party type definitions (like @types/react or @types/react-redux) to ensure the examples are up-to-date and not broken with updated definitions. Playground was created in such a way that you can simply clone the repository locally and immediately play around on your own. It will help you to learn all the examples from this guide in a real project environment without the need to create some complicated environment setup by yourself.

typesafe-actions - Typesafe Action Creators for Redux / Flux Architectures (in TypeScript)

  •    TypeScript

Flexible functional API that's specifically designed to reduce types verbosity (especially maintainability concerns) and complexity (thanks to powerful helpers). When I was first starting with Redux and TypeScript I was trying to use redux-actions to simplify maintainability of action-creators. I was struggling and results were intimidating: incorrect type signatures and broken type-inference cascading throughout the entire code-base (read more detailed comparison).

utility-types - Utility Types for TypeScript (provide migration from Flow's Utility Types)

  •    TypeScript

The primary goal of this library is to provide a set of proven Utility Types (inspired by Set Theory and functional languages) that should complement existing TypeScript Mapped Types. The secondary goal is to provide a compatibility layer with Flow's Utility Types. Flow and TypeScript have a lot in common. By using this library TypeScript Developers will become more familiar with differences to "Flow" and extend their static-typing toolbelt. Moreover it can help to migrate between "Flow" and "TypeScript" projects much easier.

gear - 🛠 Experimental tool to bootstrap typed JavaScript code.

  •    Javascript

Bootstrap typed JavaScript projects in less than a minute or easily add types to untyped code. Built around Babel 7, Flow, babel-preset-env and functional type syntax.The tool is written using itself, so have a look at its own code if you are interested. type-check.js is quite a good example, for instance.

mode - Python AsyncIO Services

  •    Python

Mode is a very minimal Python library built-on top of AsyncIO that makes it much easier to use. In Mode your program is built out of services that you can start, stop, restart and supervise.

commascript - A statically typed, backwards compatible dialect of JavaScript

  •    Javascript

CommaScript is a backwards compatible dialect of JavaScript that provides localized, implicit static typing in JavaScript while still feeling like JavaScript. Note: This hasn't been updated in some time. I would love to come back to it and give it the eS6 treatment someday, but I don't forsee having the time to really invest in this projectto make it viable. As such, consider this abandonware.