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frog - Frog is a static web site generator implemented in Racket, targeting Bootstrap and able to use Pygments

  •    Racket

Frog image by @Goug8888, used under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic. Frog is a static web site generator written in Racket.

sblg - simple off-line blog utility

  •    C

sblg is a utility for creating static blogs. It knits articles together with templates, generating static HTML files, Atom feeds, and JSON files. It's built for use with make-style build environments insofar as a blog depends upon articles. Benefits? No markdown (unless...), no "CMS", no CGI, no PHP. Just a simple open source tool for pulling data from articles and populating templates. The only dependency is libexpat for parsing article content.

blog-2.0 - 🗣 A personal blog by Irfan Maulana built with Nuxt.js

  •    Vue

We use Firebase Real Time Database, so you need to create file .env before running this project in your local. Create DB in Firebase Database with your own name, and import from file firebase-db-export.json in this project.