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frog - Frog is a static web site generator implemented in Racket, targeting Bootstrap and able to use Pygments

  •    Racket

Frog image by @Goug8888, used under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic. Frog is a static web site generator written in Racket.

sblg - simple off-line blog utility

  •    C

sblg is a utility for creating static blogs. It knits articles together with templates, generating static HTML files, Atom feeds, and JSON files. It's built for use with make-style build environments insofar as a blog depends upon articles. Benefits? No markdown (unless...), no "CMS", no CGI, no PHP. Just a simple open source tool for pulling data from articles and populating templates. The only dependency is libexpat for parsing article content.