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WALA - T.J. Watson Libraries for Analysis

  •    Java

This is the main source repository for WALA. For more details on WALA, see the WALA home page and WALA Javadoc.

sbt-cpd - Copy & Paste Detector plugin using PMD for sbt.

  •    Scala

This is an sbt plugin for duplicate code detection using Copy/Paste Detector (CPD) from the PMD project. And then execute the plugin with sbt cpd. This will scan your source code under src/main/scala and output a report containing the duplicates to target/scala-2.xx/cpd/cpd.xml.

sbt-findbugs - FindBugs static analysis plugin for sbt.

  •    Scala

This sbt plug-in enables you to analyze your (Java) code with the help of the great FindBugs tool. It defines a findbugs sbt action for that purpose. And then run the plugin with sbt findbugs. This will generate a FindBugs report in target/scala-xx/findugs/report.xml.

Argus-SAF - Argus static analysis framework

  •    Scala

This is official reporitory for the Argus-SAF. For test and play with Argus-SAF, you can fork from our Argus-SAF-playground project, which have the basic setup for a Argus-SAF enhanced project with demo codes of how to perform different kind of analysis.

tool_lists - Links to tools by subject


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