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seneca - A microservices toolkit for Node.js.

  •    Javascript

Seneca is a toolkit for writing microservices and organizing the business logic of your app. You can break down your app into "stuff that happens", rather than focusing on data models or managing dependencies.Use this module to define commands that work by taking in some JSON, and, optionally, returning some JSON. The command to run is selected by pattern-matching on the the input JSON. There are built-in and optional sets of commands that help you build Minimum Viable Products: data storage, user management, distributed logic, caching, logging, etc. And you can define your own product by breaking it into a set of commands - "stuff that happens". That's pretty much it.

vim-startify - :link: The fancy start screen for Vim.

  •    Vim

This plugin provides a start screen for Vim and Neovim. It provides dynamically created headers or footers and uses configurable lists to show recently used or bookmarked files and persistent sessions. All of this can be accessed in a simple to use menu that even allows to open multiple entries at once.

open-react-template - A free React landing page template designed to showcase open source projects, SaaS products, online services, and more

  •    SCSS

Open is a free React landing page template designed for developers/makers who want to create a quick and professional landing page for their open source projects, SaaS products, online services, and more. Use it for whatever you want, and be sure to reach us out on Twitter if you build anything cool/useful with it.

tailwind-landing-page-template - Simple Light is a free landing page template built on top of TailwindCSS and fully coded in React

  •    Javascript

Simple Light is a free landing page template built on top of TailwindCSS and fully coded in React. Simple light is designed to provide all the basic components a developer need to create a landing page for SaaS products, online services, and more. Use it for whatever you want, and be sure to reach us out on Twitter if you build anything cool/useful with it. Created and maintained with ❤️ by Cruip.com. This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

hemera - 🔬 Writing reliable & fault-tolerant microservices with https://nats.io

  •    Javascript

Hemera (/ˈhɛmərə/; Ancient Greek: Ἡμέρα [hɛːméra] "day") is a small wrapper around the NATS driver. NATS is a simple, fast and reliable solution for the internal communication of a distributed system. It chooses simplicity and reliability over guaranteed delivery. We want to provide a toolkit to develop micro services in an easy and powerful way. We provide a pattern matching RPC style. You don't have to worry about the transport. NATS is powerful.Hemera has not been designed for high performance on a single process. It has been designed to create lots of microservices doesn't matter where they live. It choose simplicity and reliability as primary goals. It act together with NATS as central nervous system of your distributed system. Transport independency was not considered to be a relevant factor. In addition we use pattern matching which is very powerful. The fact that Hemera needs a broker is an argument which should be taken into consideration when you compare hemera with other frameworks. The relevant difference between microservice frameworks like senecajs, molecurer is not the performance or modularity its about the complexity you need to manage. Hemera is expert in providing an interface to work with lots of services in the network, NATS is the expert to deliver the message at the right place. Hemera is still a subscriber of NATS with some magic in routing and extensions. We don't have to worry about all different aspects in a distributed system like routing, load-balancing, service-discovery, clustering, health-checks ...

startup-kit-templates - CloudFormation templates to accelerate getting started on AWS.

  •    Python

The VPC template is a requirement for the others. You can either run the templates/vpc.cfn.yml template by itself prior to using the others, or run any one of the vpc-*.cfn.yml wrapper templates at the top level of this repo to create sets of resources. For example, vpc-bastion-fargate-rds.cfn.yml will create a single stack containing a vpc, bastion host, fargate cluster, and database. StartupKit is designed to be modular. Some stacks depend on others, some can be deployed individually or in combination with others. You can use the stacks for each module individually and combine them on your own, or use wrapper stacks we have created from the tables below that provide one-click launch for common combinations. The wrapper stacks in the one-click launch table are broken down by regions in order to simplify deployments. See the Region Table for more information on availability of services by region.

Startup Helper


A program to help, with the windows startup process.

Application Loader Service


Allows applications that require elevated privileges to load at startup without forcing the user to type a password on Vista/Win7



A small application to monitor computer's sessions. Pietrosoft TimeStart is written in C# and lets you know how many times in a month the computer has been turned on, how much time it has been used and when it has been turned off.

vim-plugins-profile - :clock4: Profile Vim's Plugins, Generate Awesome Statistics and Optimize Vim Startup Time

  •    Python

Here is a screenshot to have a quick look at what this is all about. If you use vim-plug (or other amazing plugin manager of your choice) to install your vim (gvim or macvim) plugins, then chances are high that it gets addictive. You will find yourself with several dozens of useful plugins.

bootable - Easy application initialization for Node.js.

  •    Javascript

Easy application initialization for Node.js.

ospi - Open Source Presence Infographic of Indian Startups

  •    Python

Technically speaking, organizations used in this report are no more only a startup now, but I hope you people won't mind this and aren't gonna launch a drone on me.I think, something is clear from the name itself, is it? Well! it should.

user-startup - Auto start commands when you log in (cross-platform)

  •    Javascript

Automatically run commands when the user logs in. Used in hotel and stop-server.Create a new instance.

nanit - Node Application Initializers

  •    Javascript

Initialize important parts of your Node and Express applications before starting the main processing. Nanit - the Node Application Initialzer - allows you to easily and cleanly sepearate the initializers and finalizers from the main parts of your code.

startup-name-generator - Let's name your silly startup

  •    Javascript

Generates cliché (but nice-sounding) names for your startup. Try it on Codepen.Also available as a command-line app.

domainerator - Simple application written in Go that combines two wordlists and a list of TLDs to form domain names and check if they are already registered

  •    Go

Domainerator was my first Go application. It combines two wordlists (prefixes and suffixes) and a list of TLDs to form domain names and check their DNS status. It outputs a file with each combined domain name and the respective DNS status. Not a long one, but...

KickStart - Application initialization helper

  •    CSharp

Application start-up helper to initialize things like an IoC container, register mapping information or run a task. The KickStart library is available on nuget.org via package name KickStart.

cordova-plugin-boot-launcher - Cordova / PhoneGap Boot Launcher Plugin for Apache Cordova >= 3.0.0

  •    Java

Launch your Apache Cordova Android app automatically when the device is booted. In src/android/BootLauncher.java line 13, replace uk.co.ilee.CordovaApp.class with [YOUR_APP_ID].CordovaApp.class. YOUR_APP_ID is the reverse domain-style identifier you used when you created your cordova project.

startupdeathclock - The Startup Death Clock

  •    Javascript

The startup death clock tells you what day your startup will run out of money. This is a micro-services example for the Seneca toolkit.

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