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flexibility - A JavaScript polyfill for Flexbox

  •    Javascript

Flexibility is a polyfill for the Flexible Box Layout, commonly known as Flexbox. With Flexibility, you get to design beautiful, flexible layouts on the web without sacrificing the experience in older browsers. Flexbox lays out, aligns, and distributes elements in a container, even when their size is unknown or dynamic. To better understand Flexbox, read Chris Coyier’s excellent Complete Guide to Flexbox.

electron-quick-start - Clone to try a simple Electron app

  •    Javascript

Clone and run for a quick way to see Electron in action. This is a minimal Electron application based on the Quick Start Guide within the Electron documentation.

vim-startify - :link: The fancy start screen for Vim.

  •    Vim

This plugin provides a start screen for Vim and Neovim. It provides dynamically created headers or footers and uses configurable lists to show recently used or bookmarked files and persistent sessions. All of this can be accessed in a simple to use menu that even allows to open multiple entries at once.

katon - (use hotel instead)

  •    Javascript

Note except if you need a particular feature in katon, please use hotel. Hotel is cross-platform and doesn't require admin privileges to be installed.katon is a development tool that makes dev servers accessible on beautiful local .ka domains. It also autostarts/stops them for you.

node-open - open a file or uri with the users preferred application (browser, editor, etc), cross platform

  •    Javascript

Open a file or url in the user's preferred application. open takes an optional argument specifying the program to be used to open the file or URL.

electron-serialport - An example of how to use serialport in an electron app

  •    Javascript

Clone and run for a quick way to see Electron and Serialport in action. This is a minimal Electron application based on the Quick Start Guide within the Electron documentation.


  •    Javascript

A minimal Muon application

respawn - Spawn a process and restart it if it crashes

  •    Javascript

Spawn a process and restart it if it crashes.Per default respawn will restart you app indefinitely. To set a max restart limit set the maxRestarts option.

respawn-group - Manage a group of respawn monitors

  •    Javascript

group.add(id, command, opts) -> mon Add a new respawn monitor. See respawn for more information. If you add a new monitor with the same id as an old one it will be used when the old monitor stops.

aws-lambda-start-server - AWS Lambda function that will start servers.

  •    TypeScript

Download the zip file and deploy it as a lambda function.After you deployed the lambda function, you navigate to Event sources and choose for the Scheduled Event. After naming your event, you can provide the following schedule expression.

start - :red_circle: Highly composable and modular Node.js tasks runner

  •    Javascript

Each named export return a Promise – "tasks runner" – sequence of tasks managed by start, which will run them one by one passing data through until an error occurs. As you can see tasks runners can be nested in each other to achieve great reusability.Browse available CLIs.

first-run - Check if it's the first time the process is run

  •    Javascript

Can be used to greet the user the first time they use your CLI app, show usage tip, initialize something, etc.The name used to identify it.

open-editor - Open files in your editor at a specific line and column

  •    Javascript

*Doesn't support column.Open the given files in the user's editor at specific line and column if supported by the editor. It does not wait for the editor to start or quit.

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