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phobos - The standard library of the D programming language

  •    D

Phobos is the standard library that comes with the D Programming Language Compiler. Phobos is packaged together with the compiler. You should download the whole precompiled package.

bash-oo-framework - Bash Infinity is a modern boilerplate / framework / standard library for bash

  •    Shell

Bash Infinity is a standard library and a boilerplate framework for writing tools using bash. It's modular and lightweight, while managing to implement some concepts from C#, Java or JavaScript into bash. The Infinity Framework is also plug & play: include it at the beginning of your existing script to import any of the individual features such as error handling, and start using other features gradually. The aim of Bash Infinity is to maximize readability of bash scripts, minimize the amount of code repeat and create a central repository for well-written, and a well-tested standard library for bash.

SwiftFoundation - Cross-Platform, Protocol-Oriented Programming base library to complement the Swift Standard Library

  •    Swift

Cross-Platform, Protocol-Oriented Programming base library to complement the Swift Standard Library. To see what parts of Foundation are implemented, just look at the unit tests. Completed functionality will be fully unit tested. Note that there is some functionality that is written as a protocol only, that will not be included on this list.

stdgems - Ruby's default & bundled gems: The new standard library


Ruby's standard library is in the process of being gemified. More and more libraries will be turned into RubyGems, which can be updated independently from Ruby. Default gems: These gems are part of Ruby and you can always require them directly. You cannot remove them. They are maintained by Ruby core.

hope - A quest for a "standard" Erlang library with uniform, composable abstractions.

  •    Erlang

A quest for a "standard" library with uniform, composable abstractions. Originally motivated by a desire for an error monad and generic option type operations, and stood for Higher Order Programming in Erlang. Soon after, I wished all standard containers used consistent conventions and protocols (such as consistent accessor names, argument positioning rules and expression of semantics with option and result types).

rascal - The implementation of the Rascal meta-programming language (including interpreter, type checker, parser generator, compiler and JVM based run-time system)

  •    Java

This is the core implementation of the Rascal meta-programming language. It contains the interpreter, the parser generator, the parser run-time, the standard library, the online documentation and the type checker. Rascal is used in practice, but we consider it to be alpha software because we are still improving the language.

relude - 🌀 Relude: Reload your Prelude

  •    Haskell

Avoid all partial functions (like head :: [a] -> a). The types of partial functions lie about their behavior and usage of such functions can lead to the unexpected bugs. Though you can still use some unsafe functions from Relude.Unsafe module, but they are not exported by default. Type-safety. We like to make invalid states unrepresantable. And if it's possible to express this concept through the types then we will do it.

rust-standard-library-cookbook - Codebase for all code featured in Packt's Rust Standard Library Cookbook

  •    Rust

This is the official codebase for all code featured in Packt's Rust Standard Library Cookbook, written by me and Daniel Durante. If you enjoy the code examples, please consider buying the book in order to profit from detailed explanations to every recipe.

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