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prettier-standard - (✿◠‿◠) Prettier and standard brought together!

  •    Javascript

If you're using the npm: npm install --save-dev prettier-standard. It's possible to use 'prettier-standard' with Sublime Text 3.

standard-loader - webpack loader for linting your code with https://github.com/feross/standard

  •    Javascript

Webpack 1.x is no longer supported as of standard-loader version 6.0.0. PRs for Webpack 1.x support will be accepted on the 5.x branch.

invig - 🌿 Invig automatically converts ES5 & CoffeeScript codebases to ES6 with Aligned JavaScript Standard Style

  •    Javascript

Invig does this in a highly opinionated, non-configurable, and destructive way. I'm dealing with an ever-growing number of projects that each have a slightly different setup, and I got pretty tired of context switching between ES5, ES6, CoffeeScript, and different code conventions across those projects.

eslintblame - Parse eslint output into git-blame to unveil the offenders

  •    Shell

Bash script, Fish Shell function, and npm package to parse eslint output into git-blame to unveil the offenders. NOTES: won't work on windows (unless you're using Bash on Windows).

hapi-starter-kit - Hapi

  •    Javascript

A lean boilerplate application for building RESTful APIs (Microservice) in Node.js using hapi.js. Follows industry standard best practices, and uses latest async/await ES8 feature. Bring your own front-end. Plug-in your own Database. config is used to configure application.