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EntityAuditBundle - Doctrine2 Extension to Audit Entities through versioning tables.

This extension for Doctrine 2 is inspired by Hibernate Envers and allows full versioning of entities and their associations. The global revision table contains an id, timestamp, username and change comment field.

Sphinix - Search server

Sphinix is free open-source SQL full-text search engine. How do you implement full-text search for that 10+ million row table, keep up with the load, and stay relevant? Sphinx is good at those kinds of riddles.

viewdiff - :ledger: view your diffs in a separate window.

📒 view your diffs in a separate window.viewdiff takes its input from stdin.

standalone - Creates an isolated thread / process in JavaScript (Node.js and modern browsers).

Creates an isolated thread / process in JavaScript (Node.js and modern browsers). In master.js, we can use "getXXXByYYY" asynchronously, while the originally defined API is synchronous.

eventify - Lightweight module that can be mixed in to any object in order to provide it with custom events

A 3.19 kB (1.4K gzipped) browser ready version is available on the dist/ folder. Copies the methods on, off and trigger to the destination object, and returns the destination object.

selenium-server-standalone-jar - A jarfile, so you don't need to include it in your repository

This repository includes a jarfile. It points to it. This repository has no advice as to how to run the jar. Other libraries should fill that void; they can depend on this library to keep things simple.

elegant-api - 优雅的定义 API 接口

Define elegant api, standalone frontend development

Aura.Filter - Validate and sanitize arrays and objects.

This package provides tools to validate and sanitize objects and arrays. This library requires PHP 5.4 or later; we recommend using the latest available version of PHP as a matter of principle. It has no userland dependencies.