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stampit - OOP is better with stamps: Composable object factories.

  •    Javascript

Stampit is a 1.3KB gzipped (or 2.7K minified) JavaScript module which supports three different kinds of prototypal inheritance (delegation, concatenation, and functional) to let you inherit behavior in a way that is much more powerful and flexible than any other Object Oriented Programming model. Stamps are standardised composable factory functions. Stampit is an infected compose featuring friendly handy API.

react-stamp - Composables for React.

  •    Javascript

Composables for React. react-stamp has replaced react-stampit and is compliant with the stamp specification. The Rtype specification is used for documenting function signatures and data structures.

stamp-specification - The Stamp Specification: Composables

  •    Javascript

This specification exists in order to define a standard format for composable factory functions (called stamps), and ensure compatibility between different stamp implementations. A stamp is a composable factory function that returns object instances based on its descriptor.

tinydate - A tiny (337B) reusable date formatter. Extremely fast!

  •    Javascript

The template pattern to be parsed. The date from which to retrieve values. Defaults to current datetime.


  •    Javascript

Chloride is a Cryptography Library (Cl) for javascript enviroments.chloride is a compatibility layer that gives you bindings to libsodium when used in node.js, and either the libsodium-wrappers which is libsodium compiled to javascript via emscripten if performance is important but code size isn't. Or, if you are not doing many crypto operations, it uses tweetnacl, which is a handwritten port, and 1/10 the size of libsodium-wrappers.

time-stamp - Get a formatted timestamp. Used in gulp, assemble, generate, update, verb...

  •    Javascript

Get a formatted timestamp. Default pattern was changed from YYYY:MM:DD to YYYY-MM-DD. See https://github.com/jonschlinkert/time-stamp/issues/3 for more details.

react-stampit - A specialized stampit factory for React

  •    Javascript

A specialized stampit factory for React. Create React components in a way analogous to React.createClass, but powered by a subset of the stampit API.

stamp - Stamps - better OOP model

  •    Javascript

Mono repository for stamp related packages. Run npm install as usual followed by npm run bootstrap which creates local references to modules that require each other.

stamp-utils - Stamp utilities

  •    Javascript

Stamp utils is a collection of utilities for the creation of stamps: Composable factory functions. Stamps contain a method called .compose() which has properties attached to it that form a stamp descriptor. A stamp descriptor is a metadata object that tells the stamp how to create object instances. The stamp descriptor is like a recipe that tells any stamp-compatible function everything it needs to know to compose the stamp with other composables.

internetmarke-php - A PHP wrapper for the Deutsche Post Internetmarke web service 1C4A ("OneClickForApplikation")

  •    PHP

internetmarke-php is a simple PHP wrapper for the 1C4A ("OneClickForApplikation") web service for the Internetmarke provided by Deutsche Post (DPAG). Its main purpose is to be able to order Deutsche Post stamps directly from your own applications. The payment is handled via the Portokasse, a prepaid wallet service also by Deutsche Post. The web service by Deutsche Post is a custom SOAP API (see the WSDL here: https://internetmarke.deutschepost.de/OneClickForAppV3?wsdl). This project aims to abstract the SOAP nature away and provide a nice API in PHP, while still adhering to the structure defined by DPAG where reasonable.

stamp - My stamp images


This is a stamp image collection for Kuniwak.

node-dnsstamp - DNS Stamp encoding/decoding library for node

  •    TypeScript

This node module provides a simple API to parse and generate DNS Stamp as defined by Frank Denis. All source code is licensed under the MIT License.

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