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layerJS - layerJS: Javascript UI composition framework

  •    Javascript

layerJS is an open source Javascript UI/UX library allowing intuitive, visually intense, mobile app-like experiences for web apps and websites. layerJS follows the idea that any kind of interactive web content is composed of media elements on moving layers. Unlike existing UI frameworks, layerJS does not provide various UI elements (use your favorite framework for that) but focusses on how larger blocks are put together to form websites and apps and how these blocks will behave upon user interaction.

progress-tracker - A progress tracker written in SASS with flexbox to be flexible and responsive out of the box

  •    CSS

A progress tracker written in SASS with flexbox to be flexible and responsive out of the box. This can be used to illustrate a multi stage process e.g. form, quiz or a timeline. Once you have downloaded the code, run the commands below to view the demo.

bht-ams-playerstage - Player/Stage SLAM

  •    C

A homework solution for the Autonomous Mobile Systems class at Beuth Hochschule für Technik, Berlin with Prof. Dr. Volker Sommer. Runs a simulation of a VolksBot with (error-free) laser rangers. in the project directory to bootstrap a virtual machine that is preconfigured with Player/Stage. The VM will be downloaded if it doesn't already exist your local machine (which is likely if you run the command the first time).

serverless-aws-alias - Alias support for Serverless 1.x

  •    Javascript

This plugin enables use of AWS aliases on Lambda functions. The term alias must not be mistaken as the stage. Aliases can be deployed to stages, e.g. if you work on different VCS branches in the same service, you can deploy your branch to a new alias. The alias deployment can contain a different set of functions (newly added ones or removed ones) and does not impact any other deployed alias. Aliases also can be used to provide a 'real' version promotion. As soon as the service is deployed with the plugin activated, it will create a default alias that is named equally to the stage. This is the master alias for the stage.

serverless-api-stage - AWS API Gateway stage plugin for serverless framework

  •    Javascript

Plugin for the serverless framework that allows the use of stages with defined stage variables and logging configuration, when using the AWS provider. Install the plugin via npm.

mqtt-dmx-sequencer - Control DMX devices via Art-Net by MQTT. Includes a simple sequencer. 💡🎬

  •    Javascript

Control DMX devices via Art-Net by MQTT. This is the headless counterpart to the MQTT DMX Controller. Uses scenes and sequences created with - and exported from - the MQTT DMX Controller that can be controlled via MQTT.

box-exec - Box execute is a npm package to compile/run codes (c,cpp,python) in a virtualized environment, Here virtualized environment used is a docker container

  •    Javascript

Box execute is an npm package to compile/run codes (c,cpp,python) in a virtualized environment, Here virtualized environment used is a docker container. This packages is built to ease the task of running a code against test cases as done by websites used to practice algorithmic coding. NOTE: Language support is to be extended.

jquery-stage - jQuery Stage Information

  •    Javascript

jQuery Stage is a jQuery plugin for detecting information about the "stage", the browser's viewport. See the included sample/index.html for a small demonstration of jQuery Stage.

terraform-null-label - Terraform Module to define a consistent naming convention by (namespace, stage, name, [attributes])

  •    HCL

Terraform module designed to generate consistent label names and tags for resources. Use terraform-null-label to implement a strict naming convention. It's recommended to use one terraform-null-label module for every unique resource of a given resource type. For example, if you have 10 instances, there should be 10 different labels. However, if you have multiple different kinds of resources (e.g. instances, security groups, file systems, and elastic ips), then they can all share the same label assuming they are logically related.

micvision - Micvision package provide exploration and location for robot using navigation and cartographer packages

  •    C++

This package provides a lot of functions for robot operations in both real and stage environment. Second, we build the packages.

laravel-deploy-helper - :computer: Deploy your websites by using just an artisan command

  •    PHP

Compatible with Laravel 5.1, 5.4 and higher. LDH is a Laravel package that helps with deploying your website without the usage of FTP. The LDH packages uses SSH to build a deployment environment on the server for zero-downtime deployments and rollback functionality.

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