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RxJava2Debug - RxJava 2.x extension to provide meaningful Stack Traces

  •    Java

A library to make StackTraces involving RxJava2 more meaningful (they will always point to your code!). If you use RxJava2, you know the pain of debugging exceptions generated somwhere across the stream, in another thread, in a nested stream, ... The StackTrace provided by RxJava2 will tell you almost nothing. Even more, if you are using systems like Crashlytics to collect reports for and Android app, most RxJava-related crashes will be reported as a single error instance (omg, no way to fix that).

tracerr - Golang errors with stack trace and source fragments.

  •    Go

Find more executable examples in examples dir. If err is nil then it still be nil with no stack trace added.

UMDH Tracer


Tool that generates & exploits UMDH Dump so that leaks detection is easier.

bugsnag-react-native - Error monitoring and reporting for native exceptions and JS errors in React Native apps

  •    Javascript

Automatic React Native crash reporting with Bugsnag helps you detect both native OS and JavaScript errors in your React Native apps. All contributors are welcome! For information on how to build, test and release bugsnag-react-native, see our contributing guide.

parent-module - Get the path of the parent module

  •    Javascript

Node.js exposes module.parent, but it only gives you the first cached parent, which is not necessarily the actual parent.By default it will return the path of the immediate parent.

stackman - He is like Batman, but for Node.js stack traces

  •    Javascript

Give Stackman an error and he will give an array of stack frames with extremely detailed information for each frame in the stack trace.With Stackman you get access to the actual source code and surrounding lines for where the error occurred, you get to know if it happened inside a 3rd party module, in Node.js or in your own code. For a full list of information, check out the API below.

lldb-jbt - Adds JavaScript symbols to lldb stack traces

  •    Python

NOTE: Even though this module works as is, I am no longer improving it because a better solution is available now. Therefore please use llnode instead. Requires Node.js version 0.11.13 or higher and works best with a debug build.

babel-plugin-source-map-support - A Babel plugin which automatically makes stack traces source-map aware

  •    Javascript

In conjunction with the source-map-support module, which must be installed separately, this statement hooks into the v8 stack-trace API to translate call sites in the transpiled code back to their corresponding locations in the original code. Note: this only works in environments which support the v8 stack-trace API (e.g. Node.js and Chrome), though it's harmless in other environments.

blocked-at - Detects node eventloop block and reports where it started

  •    Javascript

Detects slow synchronous execution and reports where it started. The blocked() function reports every value over the configured threshold (defaults to 20ms). Usage is similar to blocked but the detection mechanism is different, to allow pointing to the slow function.

traceback - Easy access to the call stack, for Node.js


Writing a Node app? Need to know the function backtrace? Don't want to compile C++ code? Use Traceback. Traceback provides a normal JavaScript array of the execution stack frames. You can see function names, line numbers, and other useful stuff.

clarify - Remove nodecore related stack trace noise

  •    Javascript

To active require clarify. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

coffeestack - CoffeeScript Stacktrace Converter

  •    CoffeeScript

Module to convert JavaScript stack traces to CoffeeScript stack traces.

stackinfo - Gets an object containing normalized stacktrace information across browsers.

  •    Javascript

Gets an object containing normalized stacktrace information across browsers. If you want to programmatically inspect the stack, this is the module for you. This uses stacktrace.js to get stack traces. stackinfo([<exception>]) - returns stack trace information in the below format. If <exception> is passed, the stacktrace will be taken from that exception, otherwise a stacktrace will be generated for the current call. Passed exceptions doesn't work in IE or Safari 5 (this is a limitation of stacktrace.js).

stacktrace - Atom package to navigate stacktraces.

  •    CoffeeScript

Stacktrace is a Bring Your Own Keybinding ™️ package. Rather than try to guess a set of bindings that won't collide with any other package, or that aren't six-key chords, I'm not providing any default keybindings. In the true spirit of README-driven development, these are the features that I'd like to see in place before I mark it 1.0.

madbomber - Backtrace-on-throw C++ exception logger

  •    Python

Backtrace-on-throw exception logger for debugging C++ programs. Useful in tracking down problems caused by exceptions happening in unexpected places, including those which cause threads to terminate silently.

tracehash - Compress long exception traces down to short signatures

  •    Java

TraceHash hashes your exceptions into exception signatures that formalize the intuitive notion of "exception sameness": exceptions with the same signature are normally considered "the same" (e.g. when filing bug reports). Should we compare the entire stacktrace? No, folklore and experience tells us that only the last few stacktrace entries are important.

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