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how2 - stackoverflow from the terminal

  •    Javascript

if it gives you EACCES errors, you need to fix npm permissions. Or you can just use sudo npm install -g how2 if you don't care. After that you can press SPACE to go to the interactive mode, where you can choose a different stackoverflow question/answer.

rebound - Command-line tool that instantly fetches Stack Overflow results when you get a compiler error

  •    Python

Rebound is a command-line tool that instantly fetches Stack Overflow results when you get a compiler error. Just use the rebound command to execute your file. Featured on: 50 Most Popular Python Projects in 2018, the top of r/Python, awesome-cli-apps, awesome-shell, terminals-are-sexy, and awesome-mac.

stack-overflow-import - Import arbitrary code from Stack Overflow as Python modules.

  •    Python

Let’s take it one step further. This module is licensed under whatever license you want it to be as long as the license is compatible with the fact that I blatantly copied multiple lines of code from the Python standard library.

socli - Stack overflow command line client

  •    Python

Download and install Python. Don't forget to check the option "Add to path".

sx.el - Stack Exchange for Emacs

  •    Emacs

SX is a full-featured Stack Exchange mode for GNU Emacs 24+. Using the official API, it provides a versatile experience for the Stack Exchange network within Emacs itself. If you are going to be doing any asking/answering/commenting/upvoting/downvoting/ etc., you must use sx-authenticate to provide SX with an authentication token to act on your behalf.

reprex - Render bits of R code for sharing, e.g., on GitHub or StackOverflow.

  •    R

Prepare reprexes for posting to GitHub issues, StackOverflow, or Slack snippets. What is a reprex? It’s a reproducible example, as coined by Romain Francois. Result is returned invisibly, placed on the clipboard, and written to a file. Preview an HTML version in RStudio viewer or default browser.



This project uses the Stack Overflow API to publish a users questions and answers on Stack Overflow to their Facebook wall.



Soapi.CS is a C# wrapper with full coverage of the Stack Overflow API. Soapi.CS is intuitive, fully documented and runs on .Net 3.5/4.0, Silverlight 3/4, Windows Phone 7 and Mono

DNN Customer Feedback


DotNetNuke Module allows customers to make suggestions as well as vote and provide comments ( in the style of UserVoice and StackOverflow ). This module is developed using an inline script model.



StackPivot is an app which can generate Microsoft Pivot "Collections" on-the-fly based on the data collected from the Stack Exchange APIs. Its developed using C# 3.5

BinExp - Linux Binary Exploitation

  •    C

I am quite passionate about exploiting binary files. First time when I came across Buffer Overflow(a simple technique of exploitation) then I was not able to implement the same with the same copy of code on my system. The reason for that was there was no consolidated document that would guide me thoroughly to write a perfect exploit payload for the program in case of system changes. Also there are very few descriptive blogs/tutorials that had helped me exploiting a given binary. I have come up with consolidation of Modern exploitation techniques (in the form of tutorial) that will allow you to understand exploitation from scratch. Lecture 1.

graphoverflow - Run the entire StackOverflow on Dgraph. Work in progress.

  •    Javascript

A blazingly fast Stack Overflow clone running the real Stack Exchange dataset.

stackexchange - Node.js implementation of the stackexchange/stackoverflow API

  •    Javascript

Implementation of all stackexchange methods to query questions and awesome answers.

tcso - Try Catch Stack overflow (TcSo) Is a collection of Try statements in all the programming languages under the globe which catches the exception and searches for the cause of the caught exception in the stack overflow automatically

  •    Rust

Try Catch Stack overflow (TcSo) is a project that is inspired from an online meme on javascript and stack overflow: As you know that, today most of the developers waste their time by searching for the generated error on Google and finding out the right solution for those from stack overflow. What if we can fully automate this process. TcSo Is a collection of Try statements in all the programming languages under the globe which catches the exception and searches for the cause of the caught exception in the stack overflow automatically. So whenever a new exception occurs, it will automatically open the stack overflow page of that exception in your browser. You can browse the available TcSo and improve its code if needed and dont forget to submit a new pull request.

stack2slack - A Slack bot to monitor StackOverflow/StackExchange tags

  •    Go

This Slack bot monitors StackExchange tags and automatically publishes new questions in configured Slack channels. It has been initially created to post all questions related to the API Platform framework in a dedicated channel of the Slack of Les-Tilleuls.coop (the company behind the framework).

tagoverflow - An interactive map of Stack Exchange tags for all sites.

  •    Javascript

It is a continuation of my older project Tag Graph Map of Stack Exchange, which met with a warm reception of the Stack Exchange community (see e.g here and here; I even got t-shirts from the SE team!). Each question on Stack Exchange site has one to five tags describing its content. Unlike on Twitter, these tags are well curated (to a point, you can get a taxonomist badge).

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