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how2 - stackoverflow from the terminal

  •    Javascript

if it gives you EACCES errors, you need to fix npm permissions. Or you can just use sudo npm install -g how2 if you don't care. After that you can press SPACE to go to the interactive mode, where you can choose a different stackoverflow question/answer.

graphoverflow - Run the entire StackOverflow on Dgraph. Work in progress.

  •    Javascript

A blazingly fast Stack Overflow clone running the real Stack Exchange dataset.

stackexchange - Node.js implementation of the stackexchange/stackoverflow API

  •    Javascript

Implementation of all stackexchange methods to query questions and awesome answers.

stack2slack - A Slack bot to monitor StackOverflow/StackExchange tags

  •    Go

This Slack bot monitors StackExchange tags and automatically publishes new questions in configured Slack channels. It has been initially created to post all questions related to the API Platform framework in a dedicated channel of the Slack of Les-Tilleuls.coop (the company behind the framework).

so-pwa - A progressive web app to read Stack Overflow content.

  •    Javascript

This is a sample progressive web app which uses the Stack Exchange API to fetch the top questions and answers from Stack Overflow for a given tag. Please read the guide to contributing prior to filing any pull requests.

upvotejs - UpvoteJS generates a voting widget like the one used on Stack Exchange sites

  •    Javascript

There are different ways to use the package, depending on your use case. That is, have a nicely rendered widget based on HTML markup alone, to simply represent some state, that cannot be modified by user action. In this mode, no JavaScript is needed, and the counter, the upvote/downvote arrows and the star are rendered based on the HTML markup alone.

learning-social-media-analytics-with-r - This repository contains code and bonus content which will be added from time to time for the book "Learning Social Media Analytics with R" by Packt

  •    R

The book will also cover several practical real-world use cases on social media using R and its advanced packages to utilize data science methodologies such as sentiment analysis, topic modeling, text summarization, recommendation systems, social network analysis, classification, and clustering. This will enable readers to learn different hands-on approaches to obtain data from diverse social media sources such as Twitter and Facebook. It will also show readers how to establish detailed workflows to process, visualize, and analyze data to transform social data into actionable insights.